Golden Ribbon, Graz

Designed by: INNOCAD Architecture
For client: Pilatus Modehandels GmbH Floor area: 180.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

02 Innocad Pilatus 05© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

Cross-vault arches illuminated by custom-designed lighting float above the golden ribbon. The front island is the first of three sculptural elements.

About the Project

Located within a four-winged building constructed in the first half of the 16th century, the store boasts authentic arches native to the Renaissance. Thus, beginning with a unique ceiling treatment of cross vaults inspired by the building’s original materiality, an initial cleansing of unnecessary building elements was executed. Large stone columns and existing windows were uncovered from past construction material layers, instantly illuminating the space. The result was a clean slate from which to add only the most essential of architectural features. From there, the layout was conceived - three main show spaces and a diagonal axis connecting them. Upon entering, it allows a view all the way to the back of the store. The lack of separation between spaces encourages fluidity and a self-driven exploring experience. The most relevant implementation to the historic space, however, is the golden ribbon that runs along the walls of the rooms. Almost everything new to the store exists along this strip of wall-mounted golden mirror, which rises from the ground to just below head-level. Overall, the clear spatial division between contemporary mirror “implants” and historic structure above creates the impression of dome like floating ceiling that relates homogenously to the floor. At the same time, there is a balance between “public space” and “private chambers” in a functional and emotional way.

What’s unique about it

Setting the tone for the relationship between historical and contemporary, the new concrete floor, slightly more polished than the cobblestone outside, becomes the project’s practically seamless transition from street to store. Once inside, sculptural furniture “islands” exist in the otherwise open floorplan, functioning as a multi-faceted drink and reception counter in the front room, to storage and display in the back rooms. The rotation of the island eliminates the need for a front or back, as well, inviting visitors to flow throughout the space. The setup transforms the notion of typical “buying” into a more hospitable experience. Custom-designed adjustable storage units, lined in front of the mirrors, are made from rolled black steel and can be relocated to different areas of the store due their modularity. Hanging lighting fixtures above reiterate the simple geometry of the store rooms, while casting indirect light on the golden ribbon and its display. The dressing room boasts native stone columns balanced with lush, sound-proof carpet and elegant wool curtains, creating a calming atmosphere. The intent is a soft, cozy retreat where one gets the chance to be alone with the clothes like they would at home. It is a backstage, of sorts, that reminds one of ancient, private rooms. All the while, the golden ribbon invites observers to interact more consciously with the products and the space, which is both visibly antique and cutting edge.

10 Innocad Pilatus 22© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

An island is used for display in the back room, while shelves surrounding an existing wall imitate the curves of arches above.

09 Innocad Pilatus 20© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

A view to the front of the store and the street from the back room.

08 Innocad Pilatus 18© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

An archway from one room to another is framed by the golden ribbon. Circular shelves in the distance elegantly show off merchandise.

07 Innocad Pilatus 17© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

Curtains front individual dressing rooms, divided by stone columns uncovered in the design process. The contrast in soft and hard materials is almost tangible.

06 Innocad Pilatus 16© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

A view into the dressing room shows off the lush carpet, wool curtains, and native stone columns. Arches rise above.

05 Innocad Pilatus 12© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

A large island sits in the center of the middle room, surrounded by the golden ribbon and shelving systems. A reflection seems to continue the line of merchandise.

04 Innocad Pilatus 05B© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

Modular, hanging shelving system sits in front of the golden ribbon. Graceful, original arches curve above the merchandise.

03 Innocad Pilatus 03© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

A view to the back of the store is possible immediately upon entering the space. Hanging, modular shelving units and the golden ribbon run along the outer walls of the front room. The island lacks a front or back, welcoming exploration on all sides.

01 Innocad Pilatus 01© Paul Ott
© Paul Ott

Storefront transparency creates and inviting entrance, while the new floor provides a beautiful transition from street to store.

Location of project:
Foitl Bau GmbH


Elektro Schadl GmbH

Sklensky Beschichtungsdesign Sigfried Sitar

Cool Company GmbH

Plattner GmbH

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