Roth (Eduardo Neira)

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About the Designer

Screenwriter, film director, painter, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Eduardo Neira, better known as Roth, has created AZULIK, a brand that develops initiatives in the fields of hospitality, architecture, sustainability, wellness, gastronomy, art, fashion, luxury, design, creativity and innovation.
With every space he creates he aims to reconnect individuals and tribes –both native and postmodern– with themselves, with one another, with others and with the environment.
For over 20 years, he has brought attention to a constant dialogue with communities to promote their integral development, encouraging the preservation of local culture and the recovery of knowledge and values from ancestral wisdom. This interest converges with the concern of exploring, through art, a reflection about the being itself and our impact on the planet.
He is currently developing a 126 hectares’ project in the jungle of Tulum that is to be constructed without cutting a single tree that involves the creation of art galleries, artists’ residencies, fashion and design workshops, a recording studio, restaurants and a R&D kitchen, an architectural firm, 3 hotels, a contemporary art museum, collectors’ residences, condominiums, a wellness and detox center and a stem cell replacement center, an integrative medicine and traditional Mayan medicine center.
He is also developing a network of art and health schools in the Yucatan peninsula for Mayan communities, and in the near future, in Amazonia and Patagonia

Why they’ve been nominated

ROTH´s works mean a great contribution to the design culture by inventing a new paradigm of construction, exhibition and experimentation of spaces.
They promote a deep harmonic link between architecture and its natural environment, choosing to keep the existing trees and adapting buildings to the original layout of the jungle. That implies a big challenge: a design that dialogues with it context in a non-invasive way. That is why buildings are considered not as limits but as liminalities: contact spaces.
These processes recover local materials and techniques, discovering the potentialities of the natural, cultural and human capital of the region; all guided by a firm commitment to sustainability and to the hierarchy of native knowledge.
Finally, his designs seek to propose alternative forms, never seen before, that represent a challenge for the exhibition of the pieces, garments or for the activities that are developed in their spaces, promoting creativity and transformative experiences.


We have focused our attention on creating a space with sensitivity and creativity in which forms flow together with the imagination, where vegetation, light, shapes and the contrast itself allow a more versatile and sensitive exposure for the artist and the observer.We have identified 3 main concepts for the design of the gallery:1. A profound respect for nature and its inhabitants. IK LAB was built on stilts that raise the construction from the ground allowing animals to pass under the gallery. The premise of preserving all the trees within the space, gave us the opportunity to build around nature, respecting it and learning from it.2. The use of local materials and techniques. One of the main materials that we use for construction is bejuco, an abundant vine of the jungle, the same that Mayan artisans use. We also use a material that allows us to obtain the appearance of concrete, achieving a unique contrast in the textures and natural tones of the materials used.3. the intention of destabilizing the visitor, wanting to make him lose control of his basic senses, such as balance. The floor is not even, it follows the natural shape of the ground below; the walls and ceiling are not straight, which invites us to observe the space in its entirety, from the lowest to the highest point, without missing any detail nor the artisanal work with which the space was built.

Captura De Pantalla 2018 10 15 A Las 22 51 09
Captura De Pantalla 2018 10 15 A Las 22 51 22
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ZAK IK is an exclusive fashion boutique inside the AZULIK hotel, in Tulum, Mexico, that combines fashion, design, architecture, jewelry and art within a space full of contrasts, textures, sensations, and paths that guide you through the exclusive designs it hosts.The contemporary store design, by Roth (Eduardo Neira) respects the existing trees inside the emplacement and invite you to walk barefoot over the polished concrete that creates a fashion runway, trough ramps, water mirrors, natural leaf tunnels and indoor vegetation.The wooden structure built with regional wood on its natural forms reminds us of the surrounding jungle where the boutique is located. The translucent fiber that works as an envelope is the result of the search from the architecture and design department for a light and weather-resistant material that allows the natural light to the interior.ZAK IK represents the core values of AZULIK in fashion design, using sustainable fabrics and techniques by the designers incorporating a unique style in each one of the products that converge in a space full of architecture and design.

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IK_RAUM is the first boutique store of KUBORAUM eyewear in Mexico, built in 2018 within AZULIK, which expands the range of exclusive models of its fashion boutique, ZAK IK.The interior design of the store responds to the concept of KUBORAUM masks: Monumental, concrete and organic architecture, endless space, liquid identities, amazement, ecology of minds, infinite languages.With these premises we have built a space with an organic shape in ferrocement. With access through a suspended bridge over the jungle of Tulum, you discover the store inside a vine wrap that respects the natural environment while preserving the original trees inside the store.The exhibition of the lenses is integrated into the architecture, evolving around a central space that invites you lay down and enjoy the store, its reflections through a chain lamp with hanging mirrors and mirrors of up to 2meters in diameter. Bases of liana, melted candles, black fabrics, nets and concrete in black rustic finish complement the gore design of IK_RAUM by AZULIK.

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Tseen Ja

Tseen Ja is the Japanese-inspired restaurant of AZULIK Tulum, built at the height of the treetops in the jungle, overlooking the sea and the virgin forest.Its design highlights the use of local materials such as jiles, bejuco and bamboo, traducing the Japanese style to the low tables of bejuco, made by Mayan artisans from the community. It has a sushi preparation bar and a bejuco wall that represents the essence of AZULIK´s aesthetics, that supports the craftsmen and ensures that the elements of the architecture are pieces of craftsmanship.The restaurant has an outdoor lounge area with nets, hammocks and swings that allow visitors to enjoy the surrounding nature, a bar space, a nest-like table over water with a sea view, two nests built on the roof for 8 people, a nest on the highest part of the structure for 16 people, overlooking the jungle and the sea of Tulum, and a nest on a wooden structure with a table for thirty people and live cooking.

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