The Giga Square - Vodafone, Hannover

Designed by: MUTABOR
For client: Vodafone Floor area: 6000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 007
© André Müller -

Transforming: The interactive intention of the Giga Square turns visitors into participants.

About the Project

The Giga Square is a design concept, created for Vodafone’s tradeshow at CeBIT 2018. With over 6,000 square meters, a wide variety of showcases, interactive exhibits, hands-on event formats, and tutorials, show impressive examples of how the Vodafone network can improve our lives today and in the future. It contains two twin-like cubic halls. One deals with New Work and makes innovative business products and solutions tangible. A hallway in vibrant red leads the visitor through our source of inspiration. The other is all about New Life and lets visitors interactively test life-enriching concepts. The two subject areas are united by a consistent design concept: squaring. In the center of each theme area, there is a large cube. In Giga Work, it is a red cube with digital content. In Giga Life, we show a green cube with vertical greening.

What’s unique about it

People’s needs have changed and so has CeBIT 2018. It’s become more than a trade show, expo, or event and is more exciting. Since Vodafone is known to be future-ready, we were excited and ready to step up with a new concept, rethinking tradeshow presentation itself. Our answer: The Giga Square: Over 6,000 square meters that host tomorrow’s innovations in the fields of New Work and New Life. We decided not to darken the exhibition halls and not to work with black. Instead, we flooded the pavilions with sunlight. Different than former Vodafone tradeshow designs, which were partially closed and shielded from the general public, our concept is based on openness. A big Vodafone wordmark forms the entrance and invites everybody to experience the future. In form, the areas are the same, but in terms of content, the subject areas are differentiated by completely contrasting presentations. The workspace, “Giga Work,” is built around a giant, digital cube, which symbolizes digitalization and the changes it brings. The home section, “Giga Life,” takes place around a green cube, which conveys a relaxing and organic atmosphere with vertical greening. In a nutshell, the Giga Square is an embracing design concept, executed in the form of a building that allegorizes work-life balance. As such, we have created a possible role model for the exhibition stand of the future. Formats such as trade fairs, congresses, and events mix to create an overall experience.

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 006
© André Müller -

A vibrant red hallway connects Vodafone’s new concepts at every level.

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 005
© André Müller -

Openness: The whole exhibition space is created to be inviting.

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 004
© André Müller -

Squaring: A formal design language leads through multi-layered, innovative topics.

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 003
© André Müller -

Giga Life: An open hall concept that brings together Vodafone's life-enriching innovations for tomorrow.

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 002
© André Müller -

Giga Work: A light-flooded cubic hall containing Vodafone's New Work solutions.

Mutabor Frame Gigasquare 001
© André Müller -

The red cube: The centerpiece of Giga Work fascinates with interactive digital walls and is surrounded by Business 5.0 solutions. The green cube: The heart of Giga Life stands out with vertical greening and an open meeting place.

Location of project:

Service Factory GmbH


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