Consciously Creative, Milan

Designed by: Souldesigner
For client: Moleskine Floor area: 38.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Digital Technology

Moleskine Sdr 01
© Souldesigner

The emotional area, the immersive experience in Moleskine world.

About the Project

A fascinating journey through the human brain, a high-tech project for the
launch of Pen+ Ellipse the smart pen of the Moleskine Smart Writing System.
The story unfolds through a poetic metaphor that projects visitors into the two cerebral hemispheres - emotional and rational - involved in the creative process to make ideas come to life.
The emotional area is the first space you enter during the visit. Designed to
recreate an immersive, dreamlike environment, where ideas and concepts
become concrete and visible on the walls.
The space is quite dark, in order to create an atmosphere completely opposite to the following area, brightened up by light of rationality.
Sketches and drawings appear and dance on walls, drawings which are not static but these react to presence and movement of people, while in the second area these will be fixed on paper.

What’s unique about it

This experiential path has been genuinely conceived with an artistic more then business approach, but at the same time represents an open window on the future of retail as it is a magnification of brand and products through original ways of using them. We moved from the the spectacularization of a single event to create tangible value for brands interested in finding new formats for their stories. We wanted to imagine this installation as a cloud, a contemporary space filled with people ideas and thoughts.
According to our user-centric design approach, we wanted to enhance people, as real protagonists with their creativity. When a brand wants to move towards multi-channel, user-centric solutions to create real shopping experience, people are just the key.
The brain metaphor is strictly related to the product - The Pen + Ellipse - which allows to connect the analogue world and the digital universe with simplicity and elegance of gestures.

© Souldesigner

The rational area with product showcase

Moleskine Sdr 03
© Souldesigner

The emotional area

Moleskine Sdr 02
© Souldesigner

The emotional area

Location of project:

Gruppo Peroni Eventi

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