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Microsoft has come a long way from its evergreen roots in Washington State: one of the newest campuses, designed by RKD Architects and Gensler in Dublin, has a digital waterfall flowing from the atrium. Employers are increasingly seeking to facilitate better connectivity and collaboration in workspaces, and the tech giant is no exception. Its original 500-acre Redmond campus, which opened in the late-eighties, is in the midst of a massive renovation set for completion in 2022. Employees can preview the digital realisation of the new space through Minecraft, a popular video game. As our relationship with non-physical space becomes more intimate, there are few more apt than Microsoft to pave the way for digital culture to develop in and out of the office.

Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre by Clive Wilkinson Architects

Microsoft Vancouver By Clive Wilkinson4
Microsoft Vancouver By Clive Wilkinson3
Microsoft Vancouver By Clive Wilkinson2
Microsoft Vancouver By Clive Wilkinson1

Microsoft Campus Ireland by Gensler and RKD Architects

Microsoft Ireland Gensler1
Microsoft Ireland Gensler2
Microsoft Ireland Gensler3
Microsoft Ireland Gensler4

Microsoft Micro Polis Office Schiphol Airport by D/Dock

Microsoft Bar Cafe 04 B
Microsoft Awing 06 Silent Lounge B

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