Co-Working Space FULL NODE, Berlin

For client: Full Node GmbH & Co. OHG Floor area: 1000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Co-Working Space of the Year

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Open Lounge

About the Project

The co-working space has a contemporary aesthetic and allows blockchain companies to learn, work and grow side-by-side. As well as sharing information within the community, the workspaces form a non-hierarchical context where cryptographers, entrepreneurs, blockchain start-ups, and freelancers can easily network. The concept promotes communication through multiple spaces that facilitate different working styles, including fixed desks, rooms for workshop, events or meetings, lounges, brainstorming rooms, telephone boxes, audio boxes and even a sleeping box. With the focus on creating a high-quality work environment, the individual design solutions feature finely crafted details, quiet contrasts and timeless materials.

The listed former post office now houses a diverse range of separate office spaces and open co-working areas spanning some 1,000 square meters. The original open floor plan was retained, opening up a coherent space for 100 work stations, which creates a sense of spaciousness while also encouraging communication, dynamism and concentration.

The idea of networking is not only reflected in the surrounding light bands and the spatial continuum of the central zone, but also in the theme of bands and chains which is extended to the inscriptions on the inside glass walls. The sequence of open and closed spaces is emphasized by the interlinking chain effect, creating coherent spaces that can accommodate a variety of new working scenarios.

What’s unique about it

New working involves the creation of cross-sector networks and the sharing of knowledge. By learning together, people from different disciplines enhance their own context. Our approach was to create flexible structures that adapt to users' needs and allow a variety of working methods. Good ideas unfold best in a free and flexible working environment. We rethought processes and found tailor-made solutions for the co-working space that enable exchange, as well as teamwork and innovation. We are convinced that thanks to new perspectives and forward-looking concepts, architecture can flexibly and effectively support fast-shifting ways of working.

With the focus on creating a high-quality work environment, the individual design solutions feature timeless materials and quiet contrasts. Finely crafted details reveal the design’s high standards. Its young and contemporary look more than meets today's technical and practical needs. Beyond its high quality, this project is characterized by a certain playful ease.

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Entrance area, flex co-working, eventspace and café-area

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Audiobox, corridor and open co-working

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Napbox tree house

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Floor plan and section

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Perspective section

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