Terms & Conditions

1. General

Building on the legacy of The Great Indoors Awards, Frame Awards identifies and celebrates the world’s best spaces in public, commercial, and work interiors.

Frame Awards targets a wide audience: from designers and their clients to manufacturers, students, journalists, trend watchers, exhibitors, museums and governmental institutions.

The event will not only consist of an award evening, but also of an educational programme and networking opportunity comprising exhibitions, presentations, interviews and many more.

Starting from the belief that meaningful spaces contribute to people’s health and wellbeing, the mission of the Frame Awards program is to empower spatial design excellence by:
• selecting and awarding interior design projects of the highest quality;
• identifying developments within the field;
• fostering conversation on interior design as a profession.

The initiator and organizer of the Frame Awards is Frame Publishers (Frame). By submitting the online registration form (available at frameawards.com) and paying the submission fee in full, the applicant fully and unreservedly agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the Frame Awards.

2. Application

Only non-residential interiors or interior installations in one of the categories mentioned in the following section will be considered for Frame Awards. Only interior projects completed in 2016 or 2017 are eligible for participation. To ensure the highest level of interior design are submitted, former jury members of the Frame Awards and Frame each will receive three wildcards per category. These wildcards will allow them to invite designers of interior projects to submit their work free of charge. Honorary Awards are not open for submission. 

Honorary Awards winners will be selected by Frame in consultation with the chairs of the juries. 

Participation in Frame Awards requires the submission of a fully completed online registration form, filled out by the designer(s), and/or their client(s) and/or any third party involved in the realization of the submitted interior design project.  The submission must be completed before 1 November 2017 (deadline). Frame is authorized to extend the deadline.  Applicants who wish to submit more than one design project may apply by using one online account. It is possible to make changes to the application until the submission fee has been paid. After receipt of the online payment, it will no longer be possible to make further changes to the application.  In addition to online registration, applicants are requested to upload the items specified on the registration form. Digital images in .jpg format, facts, figures and background information are mandatory, details on collaborators are optional. Frame is not responsible for entries not received for any reason whatsoever.  

 Frame Awards is authorized to request applicants to provide further information or other supporting material in respect of design projects.

For each entry, a submission fee is required. 
• 4 September 2017 – 1 October 2017 - the Early Bird fare: EUR 250 
• 1 October 2017 – 1 November 2017 - the Regular fare is: EUR 300 
Payment must be made through the online payment tool available on frameawards.com. 

The price for a table at the Frame Awards ceremony is:  EUR 1,500.  
The price for a single seat is:  EUR 250.

3. Participation

Applicants will receive notification of participation in Frame Awards once Frame has received the required payment and the duly completed the registration form. Participants can download an invoice. Until receipt of the aforementioned notification, applicants may derive no rights whatsoever from the application, unless stipulated otherwise in these terms and conditions.

Frame Awards reserves the right to refuse, reject or revoke an application for any reason whatsoever if it becomes apparent that such submission is inaccurate and/or untruthful. In the event of refusal or rejection, applicants and/or participants will be entitled to reimbursement of the submission fee. The submission fee is not reimbursed if the submission is revoked.

Applicants and/or participants may withdraw their competition entry at any time before the jury holds its first meeting. Submission fees will not be reimbursed if the submission is withdrawn.

4. Categories

Frame Awards uses four award types, three categories honouring projects and 1 honouring people. 

For projects the following award types are available:

1. Spatial Awards
2. Executional Awards
3. Societal Awards

The awards for people are the Honorary Awards. 

The Spatial Awards honour built interior spaces in five main typologies. Executional Awards merit constituting elements and the execution thereof in any interior. The Societal Awards cover the meaning spaces have for society. The Honorary Awards recognize that people are at the core of spatial excellence. Honorary Awards are not open for submission.

A design project may be submitted in multiple typologies and categories. It is possible to win multiple times. Frame reserves the right to move entries to other categories if it is clearly appropriate to do so. If this is the case, the applicant will be notified by email.


I. Retail
Awards in this sub-category:
• Single-brand store of the year. Retail stores representing only one brand, such as flagships, brand stores, shop-in-shops, hair salons, nail studios, bakeries, ice parlors and showrooms.
• Multi-brand store of the year. Retail stores representing more than one brand, such as book stores, supermarkets, boutiques and department stores. 
• Pop-up store of the year. Temporary (maximum intended lifespan 1 year) single- and multi-brand retail stores.
• Window displays of the year. Temporary (maximum intended lifespan 6 months) installations and displays in retail store windows.

The jury and public will also select and award the Retail Interior of the Year.

II. Hospitality
Awards in this sub-category:
• Bar of the year. Bars designed to have drinks and small dishes, including nightclubs, either stand alone or as part of a bigger venue, such as a hotel.
• Restaurant of the year. Restaurants may be either stand alone or part of a bigger venue, such as a hotel.  
• Hotel of the year. Hotels and resorts for business or pleasure stays.
• Cinema of the year. Interior spaces specifically aimed at the screening of movies.
• Health club of the year. Private interior spaces dedicated to physical well-being and fitness, such as yoga studio, spas and gyms. 

The jury and public will also select and award the Hospitality Interior of the Year.

III. Work
Awards in this sub-category:
• Co-working space of the year. Workspaces aimed at sharing between several companies or individual entrepreneurs.
• Small office (<2000 m2) of the year. Workspaces smaller than or equalling 2000 square metres.
• Large office (>2000 m2) of the year. Workspaces larger than 2000 square metres.

The jury and public will also select and award the Work Interior of the Year.

IV. Public
Awards in this sub-category:
• Learning space of the year. Interior spaces aimed at education, such as nurseries, schools, academies and universities.
• Healthcare centre of the year. Public interior spaces dedicated to health care and psychological and physical well-being, such as hospitals, clinics and dentists.
• Governmental interior of the year. Governmental interior spaces, such as city halls, libraries, courts of justice, embassies and prisons.

The jury and public will also select and award the Institutional Interior of the Year.

V. Shows 
Awards in this sub-category:
• Trade-fair stand of the year. Temporary booths and structures dedicated to showcasing brands, products or services at trade fairs.
• Exhibition of the year. Temporary and permanent commercial or cultural showcases for museums, galleries or companies.
• Set of the year. Temporary installations staging fashion shows and performances such as films, concerts or theatre plays.

The jury and public will also select and award the Show Design of the Year.


Awards in this category:
• Best use of Colour. Best use of colour in a space. Spaces that utilize colour in new and innovative ways. Only the interior’s relationship to the colour scheme will be considered in judging. 
• Best use of Light. Best use of light in a space. Spaces that deploy light in a substantive and innovative manner. Only the use of light and its effects will be considered in judging.
• Best use of Digital Technology. Best use of innovative use and application of new technologies. Only the use of new digital technologies will be considered in judging.
• Best use of Material. Best use of material in a project. Spaces that utilize one or more materials (e.g. wood, plastic, concrete) in an innovative and specific way. Only the use of material and its effects will be considered in judging.
• Craftsmanship Award. This category celebrates excellence in manufacturing and execution. Only the craftsmanship will be considered in judging.


Awards in this category:
• Sustainability Award. This category celebrates design solutions to control the social, economic and environmental footprints of a project. Only the project’s sustainability performance will be considered in judging. 
• Innovation Award. This category celebrates creative, new and/or improved use of processes, methods, systems, products or services in a project: innovation is at the core of the project. Only the innovative elements will be considered in judging.
• Social Award. This category celebrates political, social and cultural impact on a community through a project.


Awards in this category:
• Frame Lifetime Achievement Award
• Client of the Year
• Designer of the Year
• Emerging Designer of the Year

5. Adjudication

Frame Awards intends to appoint an international jury, which will differ according to each category. Jury members will be selected on the basis of knowledge, experience and expertise. Members of the juries have permission to invite designers to participate in the competition. Names of jury members will be made public. 

Each category will have a separate jury of 5 persons (incl. 1 chairman). Frame intends to appoint at least one designer, one manufacturer and one client in each of the juries. 

Frame is at all times entitled to appoint a substitute juror. If no suitable substitute can be found, the relevant jury will have fewer members than the number originally announced.

Frame shall, at its sole, full and absolute discretion, organize, select and manage the jury, which shall adjudicate applications that have been appropriately verified, filtered and approved by Frame.

Nothing shall legally obligate or require Frame or the jury to perform any or all of the following:
i. justify, reveal or explain their processes, inner workings and standards; or
ii. justify, reveal or explain their decisions and ultimate results at the end of the adjudication process.

The juries shall have the support of a technical committee to be appointed by Frame. The task of the technical committee consists of verifying and approving applications that meet the requirements stated in these terms and conditions.

The juries shall have access to all eligible applications, which will be disclosed and prepared for judging by digital means. The jury will review and evaluate entries and select five nominees in each (sub)-category.

The selection of the nominees in each (sub)category is not open to the public, and all matters related to the evaluation of competition entries and the voting procedure are to be completely confidential. All decisions made by the juries will be final.

The juries will judge the entries according to the following criteria:
i. Functionality (including but not limited to user-friendliness, flexibility)
ii. Innovation (including but not limited to use of materials, technology, products, concept)
iii. Artistic merit
iv. Sustainability
v. Social impact

Each jury will select five nominations per (sub)-category. The designers of the nominated applications will be invited to defend their work in front of the relevant jury. Nominees will present their projects with the use of visual support: imagery, video, boards and/or materials. Nominees may be subjected to further questions by the relevant jury. 

Each jury will choose one winner per (sub)-category.

People nominated for an Honorary Award will not be subject to nominations or judgment.

Nominations in all (sub)-categories with the exception of the Honorary Awards will be published online at frameawards.com on 2 January 2018. They will be subject to the online people’s vote until 1 February 2018. The people will choose one winner per (sub)-category.

6. Awards

The Frame Awards available vary according to each of the three categories and five sub-categories of Frame Awards. All nominees will be informed of their nominations by the beginning of January 2018.

Award winners will be announced during the Frame Awards ceremony, which is to be held in Amsterdam on 21 February 2018. Winners will also be announced on the website frameawards.com.

Should the jury find that none of the competition entries in one or more of the Frame Awards categories adequately satisfies the criteria (see 5. Adjudication), no award will be given in that (sub)-category. 

Participants whose submissions did not win an award will be informed by e-mail no later than one month following the award ceremony. Frame Awards may attempt to respond, answer and reply to any requests, queries or questions communicated by an applicant at any time; however, Frame Awards is not required or obligated to provide such a response, answer or reply.

All submissions are subject to the Dutch Act on privacy. All decisions made by the jury, and all discussion surrounding decisions other than what is included in the official jury report, shall be treated with complete confidentiality.

7. Intellectual property and the applicant’s warranty

The applicant/participant certifies and warrants that he or she is the sole and rightful owner of the intellectual property rights vested in the submitted design(s). If a design has been produced by more than one person, all authors shall be deemed to be included in the submission by the applicant/participant. The applicant/participant certifies and warrants that he or she is the owner of all intellectual property rights and/or has the authority to submit the design. The applicant/participant certifies and warrants that the submitted design(s) do(es) not violate or infringe on any third-party rights. The applicant/participant releases, discharges, and holds harmless Frame from any and all claims, demands or causes of actions that they may hereafter have by reason of the use of the submitted design(s).

8. Publicity license and the use of imagery and material

Upon receipt of notification of acceptance as described in paragraph 3, the applicant/participant fully and unreservedly grants Frame non-exclusive worldwide use in perpetuity, free of any fee or license, including the right to authorize third parties, of the applicant/participant’s design(s), together with provided information and metadata for information and publicity purposes in relation to Frame Awards.

This includes the right to broadcast in any media; exhibit in any art gallery or exhibition; publish, print and distribute in any media, including (but not limited to) Frame; copy, and distribute copies in any form (whether analogue, digital or otherwise), including (but not limited to) videos, movies, DVDs, CDs, digital files and the like; make available in the form of a web page or digital file on any computer network (including the Frame Awards website); and promote applicant/participants in any manner deemed fit and suitable by Frame Awards.

In applying for the Frame Awards, the applicant/participant grants Frame permission to take and to have full and free use of video/photographs containing their image/likeness. It is understood that these images may be used for promotional, news, on-line/multimedia, research and/or educational purposes by and for the Frame Awards competition. 

The applicant/participant releases, discharges, and holds harmless Frame from any and all claims, demands or causes of actions that they may hereafter have by reason of the use of the images/likeliness. The applicant/participant agrees that he or she is not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from Frame or third parties in respect of the use of their design(s), image/likeness for the purposes set out in this clause.

If Frame has no more use for the design(s), Frame is permitted to destroy or otherwise dispose of the applicant/participant’s design(s) and copies thereof in the possession of Frame. Materials do not have to be returned.

9. Final

Frame reserves the right to cancel or amend the Frame Awards competition and these terms and conditions. Frame will notify applicants/participants of any changes to the Frame Awards competition as soon as possible.

Frame‘s decision in respect of all matters to do with the Frame Awards competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. The applicant/participant is aware of the fact that neither an unsuccessful participation nor the consequences thereof can be held against Frame. Frame is not liable for any damages, costs or expenses in relation to the organization of the Frame Awards and to the application and/or participation of any third party, except when the damage results from intent or gross negligence on the part of Frame.
The Frame Awards competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by Dutch law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Amsterdam.

© 2017 Frame Awards

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