Astana Expo 2017

Nominated for: Client of the Year

Astana Expo Theverymany 02

Minima | Maxima Pavilion by Theverymany

Why they’ve been nominated

Whether it’s a fair, a festival or a brand celebration, today’s events go all out to provide visitors with an extraordinary experience. The need to pull in the public with a stunning spectacle is only greater now that big brands like BMW, Louis Vuitton and Ikea are organizing their own happenings. The more engaging, the more photogenic and the more socially relevant your event is, the more people, the more followers and the more likes you’re liable to snatch from the competition. The Kazakhstan government responded to economic pressures by using Astana Expo 2017 as a crucible for debate and innovation regarding the future of energy security. With over 100 national pavilions and exhibitions at the expo, from countries as far ranging as South Korea and Costa Rica, the world’s fair provided the perfect opportunity to express the international drive for sustainability. And it wasn't just the topical theme that put the event on the map; installations from architects, artists and designers made what could be a heavy topic aesthetically appealing, too. 

Astana Expo Uk Pavilion

UK Pavilion

Astana Expo Biotech Hut Eco Logic Studio © Naaro

Biotech Hut, Ecologic Studio

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