Nominated for: Client of the Year

Noma Mexico 01

Noma Tulum, Mexico by La Metropolitana

Why they’ve been nominated

Despite our penchant for booking restaurants and hotels online, today’s hospitality drivers are firmly rooted in the here and now. The ultimate example: Noma, the brainchild of chef René Redzepi, who is literally growing restaurants from the ground up. Despite its Scandinavian roots, the world’s #1 restaurant opened pop-ups in Australia and Mexico, which like the original (and recently reopened) Copenhagen location, prioritize local ingredients, design and resources. To let guests dining at Noma feel a sensation of time and place, Redzepi commissioned Foolscap Studio in Australia and La Metropolitana in Mexico to create the overall concepts and interior architecture for the two pop-ups. Noma is a showcase of hospitality that is defined by a sense of place, from the food offered to the plates on which it’s served. From the people who craft the space to the materials they use. With Noma, Redzepi goes local, globally.

Portrait René Redzepi

Chef René Redzepi

Noma Sydney 01

Noma Sydney by Foolscap Studio

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