Zhongshuge Bookstores

Zhongshu Bookstore Wutopia Lab Suzhou 02

Zhongshuge Bookstore Suzhou by Wutopia Lab

Why they’ve been nominated

Tweets and texts are distracting today’s teens from serious reading, and if they are impelled to buy books they are likely to do so online. Traditional bookstores are taking a hit, even in China, where respect for literacy is deep-rooted. The present situation persuaded a teacher-turned-publisher to envision a bookstore that would be a destination – for socializing as well as browsing. He commissioned three Zhongshuge stores in his native Shanghai from Li Xiang and then asked her to go a step further and create China's most beautiful bookstore in the ancient city of Hangzhou. Each temple of books is as radical as the next, and the fact that the latest was handed to a different designer, Wutopia Lab, is proof that it's not only Li Xiang's influence at play in the dramatic results.

Zhongshuge Chengdu 02

Zhongshuge Chengdu by X+Living

Zhongshuge Hangzhou 01

Zhongshuge Hangzhou by XL-Muse

Zhongshuge Shanghai 01 Hr

Zhongshuge Shanghai by XL-Muse

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