Nominated for: Designer of the Year

Neri Hu Hub Exhibition Hall The Forest Photo By Dirk Weiblen

The Hub Performance and Exhibition Center, Shanghai

Why they’ve been nominated

Partners at home and at work, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu believe that coming of age outside their native China has allowed them to translate design ideas from West to East – and vice versa. Through their work – ranging from interior design and product development to graphic design and architecture  – they act as a bridge between different generations and cultures. No matter the scale or function of their projects, Neri&Hu favour a contemporary interpretation of China’s age-old culture and heritage, which is achieved with their signature raw-meets-refined aesthetic. Neri&Hu is on a mission to boost Chinese creativity, and they are succeeding.  

Neri Hu Portrait 01

Co-founders Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu

Neri Hu Selfridges Body Studio London

Body Studio section in Selfridges Department Store, London

Neri Hu Comme Moi Shanghai

Comme Moi flagship, Shanghai

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