Schemata Architects

Nominated for: Designer of the Year

Schemata Descente Blanc Tokyo

Descente Blanc retail store, Tokyo

Why they’ve been nominated

Schemata Architects works on various scales across a number of genres, from hospitality to retail to workplaces. Stripping down and paring back, the studio arrives at straightforward solutions that express the present – whether via a colour or material palette that will soon be seen the design world over, or by adapting to current technologies such as 3D printing. Apart from Jo Nagasaka’s undeniable and trendsetting way with materials, he often takes a straightforward design element and crafts an entire concept around it, from flexible retail displays to simple yet smart exhibition spaces. Simplicity often finds strength through repetition, and seemingly crude materials are elevated to a new level.

Schemata Jo Nagasaka Frame 112 Portrait 01

Founder Jo Nagasaka

Schemata Yagicho Honten Store Tokyo

Yagicho-Honten store, Tokyo

Schemata Hue Plus Food Photography Studio

Hue Plus Studio, Tokyo

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