Nominated for: Designer of the Year

Dmm Exhibition Tokyo

DMM Exhibition, Tokyo

Why they’ve been nominated

Thanks to today’s advanced digital technologies, what we think of as ‘fixed interiors’ can become spaces that change in response to human movement. TeamLab, a collective of digital technologists headed by Toshiyuki Inoko, shows just that. Having begun as a company that built search engines and wrote software programs, they made a bold advance into new territory with interactive art installations that have been experienced worldwide. And their territory continues to expand as they transcend the art scene and enter the hospitality and office markets. With their recent designs for a responsive workplace environment and interactive restaurant, the multidisciplinary team shows the transformative power of immersive technologies. In the hands of TeamLab, any space becomes responsive.


Founder Toshiyuki Inoko

Forest Of Resonating Lamps One Stroke Paris

The Forest of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke installation at Maison&Objet, Paris

Future Park Sydney

Future Park Exhibition, Sydney

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