Xliving Jooos Fitting Room By Li Xiang 18

JOOS Fitting Room, Hangzhou, China

Why they’ve been nominated

It’s not often these days that project after project surprises by combining sheer originality with masterful execution. Shanghai studio X+Living, founded by Li Xiang, does exactly that across the likes of topsy-turvy bookstores, a female-focused department store and an out-of-this-world café where children play while parents dine. Xiang says her ‘approach is more architectural and holistic than that of most of my colleagues. China’s traditionally schooled interior designers treat walls, ceilings and furniture as separate elements, whereas I aim for a total experience.’ She says that while Chinese clients usually want something simply beautiful, Xiang relies on research analysis to go beyond the brief. She draws inspiration from the location and its surroundings, including cultural symbols, historical elements and daily life in the vicinity. The studio digs into the client’s background and into relevant products, with an eye to transforming or reflecting what they find in the details of their work. Each project has a backstory.

Xliving Portrait Li Xiang

X+Living founder, Li Xiang

Xliving Neobio Restaurant Xliving

Neobio Kids restaurant, Shanghai

Xliving Zhongshuge Store Chengdu

Zhongshuge bookstore, Chengdu

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