Nominated for: Emerging Designer of the Year

Linehouse Next Ev Office Shanghai

Workspace for NextEV, Shanghai

Why they’ve been nominated

New Zealander Briar Hickling and Alex Mok (who’s half-Swedish, half-Chinese) – aka Linehouse – have quickly racked up a string of striking retail, work and hospitality spaces (often on a shoestring budget) in their hometown of Shanghai. Their work embodies the city’s performative nature and the constant blur between public and private, such as the public exhibition of domestic rituals. They collaborate with a network of international creatives – including graphic designers, product designers, architects and interior designers – yet maintain a hands-on quality by being incredibly involved in the entire project, on- and off-site. Aiming to increase the longevity of its designs, Linehouse seeks out good operators with strong concepts rather than following fads. The studio also believes a lot of beautiful architecture is being torn down and replaced by subpar buildings. Linehouse’s process, therefore, involves peeling back the layers of history to reference what these spaces once were in relation to their context.

Linehouse Portrait2

Co-founders Alex Mok and Briar Hickling

Linehouse All Sh Store Shanghai 2

All Sh Store, Xingfu Road, Shanghai

Linehouse Coterie Eyewear Store Shanghai

Coterie Eyewear, Shanghai

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