Nominated for: Emerging Designer of the Year

Lukstudio Fuo Store Wuhan

FUO boutique, Wuhan

Why they’ve been nominated

Working across such fields as retail, hospitality, work and exhibitions, Lukstudio has grown to an office of 15 since its founding in 2011. Often working with local elements, the designers aim to create projects with strong identities that serve the clients’ needs. Lukstudio reinterprets everyday objects, assembling them in an artistic way to give them new life. Surprise is another important ingredient. The team tries to engage users and make them remember Lukstudio as the makers of the space. Founder Christina Luk finds it important to ‘explore different forms and find new concepts; I don’t want to churn out more of the same.' There's also a larger goal at play in the studio's work: 'Once we’ve proven ourselves as creative people, we’ll be able to explore more serious issues, such as sustainable architecture and the design of innovative products.’

Lukstudio Christina Headshot

Founder Christina Luk

Lukstudio Longxiaobao Shanghai

Longxiaobao Restaurant, Shanghai

Lukstudio Longxiaobao Beijing

Longxiaobao Restaurant, Beijing

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