Jury prize

Space Encounters

Awarded: Emerging Designer of the Year Jury

Space Encounters Joolz Hq Amsterdam

Joolz Headquarters, Amsterdam

Why they’ve been nominated

As described by its partners Gijs Baks, Stijn van Weerd, Joost Baks and Remi Versteeg, Amsterdam-based Space Encounters ‘liberates itself from the dogma of strict functionalities and researches old and new forms of space and material, free from self-inflicted burdens.’ While their portfolio includes both residential and commercial interiors, its Space Encounters' workspace designs that make the biggest impression. Whether plant-infused or tech-fuelled, their offices rethink the workplace landscape in a multitude of ways, adapting to the needs of a project's users. In their projects, Space Encounters aims ‘to create something which is so extremely grounded in logic, that the result becomes distinctive again.’  

Joost Stijn Gijs Remi Space Encounters 2 M  Hofmans January 2018

Partners Gijs Baks, Stijn de Weerd, Joost Baks, and Remi Versteeg

Space Encounters Lightspeed Offices Amsterdam

Lightspeed Offices, Amsterdam

Space Encounters Sony Offices Amsterdam Peter Tijhuis

Sony Offices, Amsterdam

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