Arca - Prelude to The Shed, New York

Designed by: Arthur de Borman
For client: Arca Floor area: 100.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

The Shed Arca 0371

About the Project

The Shed was doing a week of performances and talks during Frieze NY, Arca Performance being the closing show of the week. Arca had suffered a car crash as a child and we wanted to draw on this experience for one of the areas of the evening. We also built a medical chair for him to perform on.

What’s unique about it

We flipped the car and stripped it, installing a motor to turn the back two wheels, as if it was still running post-crash, and placed a smoke machine inside. We wanted to reflect the surrounding buildings and help with lighting and also have something that Arca could interact with and the audience so we used sand bags and made a pool of water around the car.

For extra effect we created a rain bar so while he was performing on top of the car the rain poured down on top of him, adding to the drama.

We also made a medical chair prop for him to perform on made from bits taken from the car along with old medical equipment and bits of an old film projector. We worked closely with Arca to make the whole production mobile, and to allow for greater audience interaction. Overall, it created a unique, intimate setting, and allowed for Arca to convey the imagery and emotions tied to the crash in the way he wanted.

We had a very short time scale to make this happen.

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Location of project:
Young Turks Management

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