Lane House, Beijing

Designed by: Nolan Chao
For client: private Floor area: 200.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Large Apartment of the Year

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 16 Entrance


About the Project

The balance of strong contradiction between privacy and openness was maintained by grills or curtains, for the concept of actual use possibilities in "loading", "uninstalling" and "building up inside". To expand the effect of the room by double or maybe triple-size, we removed some indoor partition walls to merge with different small spaces and treated differently for types of rooms with different functions, with which each space provided at least two or more "connections" to other blocks, like holes, windows or doors. With more choices for pluralistic rooms and free space of connectivity, the owner have more opportunities to experience great conveniences. The central is a functional corridor, and the rear contains the most private space, which can be adjusted and blocked with windows, curtains or partition doors. When the owners close all wooden and mirror doors, they will have a strong boundary and a considerable distance from the outside world, leaving with a very core and ceremonial clean area. We insisted on the origins of materials of stones, woods, metals and glasses, and managed very few treatments to process on them, by which way to compatible with interior and exterior to create amount of gray space and harmonious atmospheres. One of the biggest challenges is “in which way people desire to live in here” and “the attitude towards the living space”. We attempts to find ways to establish meanings for residences and shelters by initial and original intentions.

What’s unique about it

One of the ultimate goals of design and research is to extend boundaries, which brings in enormous harvest and prosperity. However, this prosperity does not only belong to the design& research. The rise of design and research comes from new experiences, new environments, new problems, new observations, new opportunities and imaginations that are constantly inspired and shared with others.

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 02 Living Room

living room


outside enviroment

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 13 Washroom

looking throughout

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 12 Pets Room

pet room

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 04 Study Room

study room

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 03 Study Room

study room

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 10 Kitchen

dining room

Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 05 Bed Room


Lane House Archistry Nolan Chao 01 Living Room

living room

We recorded from the very beginning in construction field all the way to the owners' done work party

Location of project:
Archistry design& research office

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