Björk - Utopia Tour 2018, Reykjavík

Designed by: Heimir Sverrisson
For client: Björk Floor area: 96.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Set Design of the Year

Public Score
3.60 Function
3.58 Innovation
3.72 Creativity
1 F0 A8545
© Heimir Sverrisson

Rehearsals in Millennium Studios

About the Project

The project was a collaborative, listening and feeling journey with Björk and the artistic team: artist James Merry, designer Heimir Sverrisson and choreographer Margrét Bjarnadóttir. In the early discussions the utopian island was a magical space, inspired by classic Icelandic paintings by female artists and Iceland’s bright summer nights. Growing up in Iceland teaches you to respect nature and, in some way, understand the necessity of coexisting with it as opposed to trying to control it too much. The rugged island in the north Atlantic ocean, with a population of 340.000 people, best known for northern lights, puffins and black sand, is also a place of still and serene summer nights. The bright nights, with 24hr sunlight, the peachy pinks and purples of the early morning sky and the absolute calm, when even the birds sleep, were a deep inspiration. This calm, and the sound and non-sound of it, is very magically utopian and strangely empowering. We sought to combine the natural with the man made. To combine the rythm of nature to the rythm of the human. The island is a wish, a wish for a future when we learn to get technology and nature to collaborate. Perhaps a utopia but a very possible one - if we take climate change seriously.

What’s unique about it

First of all, it would be terribly nice to win. Secondly, the design is a culmination of Björk and our, her collaborator’s, voices, all people with a passion for nature conservation and a view of a future where humans respects nature and technology draws from and listens to our earth, the only one we have. To coexist with nature while using technology to do so. Respect mother earth and embrace her potency. Vote for the Utopia set!

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© Heimir Sverrisson

Rehearsals in Millennium Studios

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© Heimir Sverrisson

Rehearsals in Millennium Studios

Primavera Sound09 18 At 21 27 04
© Santiago Felipe

Primavera Sound Festival 2018 Barcelona

Primavera Sound2018 09 18 At 21 41 13
© Santiago Felipe

Primavera Sound Festival 2018 Barcelona

We Love Green09 18 At 21 27 44
© Santiago Felipe

We Love Green Festival 2018 Paris France

Location of project:
Irma Studio

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