The Vinos & Viandas, Valladolid

Designed by: Zooco Estudio
For client: Vinos & Viandas Floor area: 35.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

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About the Project

It is our attempt to abstract the formal wine world in a manner which the space is created as a continuous formal changer only using pure shapes such as the circumference. The juxtaposition of several circumferences in both directions creates a space, which linearly will be seen as vaults, where the required situations appear organically such as the counter, tasting table and exhibition-sale space in consonance with the materials used such as wood, stone and the mirror reflections atmosphere.
The project is very formal interactive for several reasons. First, due to its formal leitmotiv which is the circumference shape and the ribs, the space changes itself from the point of view of the client when they enter the shop and walk inside. Second, the mirror reflections create a curious blurry image that works coherently with the concept. Finally, the furniture is also interactive, there is one folding table assembled to the central column which provides a flexible space to its mobility.
There are three materials: wood for the ribs system as the barrels, stone for the floor as the antique cellars, and the mirror material which generates amplitude and an atmospheric world of reflections where those circumferences seem to contain some kind of liquid. The realization technology of the space is performed by the cutting process of oak wood boards and assembling them in a way that people can perceive the space as a sequence of wooden ribs where the circumference is present.

What’s unique about it

Because we used a concept to design the whole space and we transformed the interior space into a flexible design. The inspiration of this space comes from many ways, on the one hand: the searching of the wine imaginary and its sales spaces provide us an approach to the materiality of the antique cellars by stone, the wooden barrels and the wine reflections. On the other hand, regarding the shape project, the circumference is another inspiration due to its continuous presence in the wine world e.g. in the wooden barrels, bottles and the vaulted cellars.

Moreover, the methodology used is very modern: The overall space dimensions are 7mx5,5m and 3m of height with a 5m2 area of wine exhibition located in the perimeter of the main room. The rib system is generated and atomized it in its longitudinal direction dividing the system in vertical spaces of 15 cm with 15 curved boards and 45 straight and vertical boards with 25mm of thickness, moreover it is assembled with slats for supports of bottles up to 1.80m, with a total of 14 different heights. The servant spaces such occupy 12,5m2.

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Description of the ribs of the project through a serie of images.

Location of project:
Zooco Estudio

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