Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chroma at SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah

Designed by: SCAD Museum of Art & Cruz-Diez Art Foundation
For client: Savannah College of Art and Design Floor area: 560.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Exhibition of the Year

Cruz Diez 7
© Photography courtesy of SCAD

About the Project

Chroma showcased the experimental and multidisciplinary nature of Cruz-Diez’s practice. The exhibition consisted of two public site-specific installations and new work specifically conceived for SCAD Museum of Art’s interior gallery space. The installations provided an overview of Cruz-Diez’s fundamental concerns regarding the transformative possibility that color is the diachronic and unstable, dependent on individual perception, space and context. In addition to the installation within the museum, a series of outdoor interventions were extended to the museum’s courtyard space to extend the dialogue, a strategy common in Cruz-Diez’s practice. A large, altered shipping container placed in the museum courtyard held “Chromosaturation,” a series of connecting color chambers that provided the intangible experience of pure color. A large-scale crosswalk painting, a Cruz-Diez trademark, was also installed in the museum’s courtyard

Chroma opened during SCAD deFINE Art program on February 21, 2017. The exhibition was curated by Storm Janse van Rensburg, SCAD head curator of exhibitions, and SCAD art history alumna Raquel Serebrenik Sultan in cooperation with the artist’s studio Articruz and the Cruz-Diez Art Foundation. SCAD deFINE Art is the university’s annual program celebrating leading international artists from the contemporary art world and held at SCAD locations in Savannah, Atlanta, and Hong Kong.

What’s unique about it

Chroma consisted of exemplary works that distilled Cruz-Diez’s long career in color exploration through various methods, including a series of outdoor installations, an immersive interior light projection, and a concise collection of new works specifically conceived for the SCAD Museum of Art. The exhibition highlighted the artist’s vast research on and contributions to the field of color theory, and highlighted Cruz Diez’s own terminology including “Couleur Additive”, Physichromie”, “Induction Chromatique”, and “Chromosaturation.” This exhibition sought to communicate the many ways Cruz Diez contributed to a new way of understanding color phenomena in art, greatly expanding its perceptual universe.

Chroma allowed visitors to fully understand Cruz-Diez rich terminology and language of color theory. The array of displays and interactives throughout the exhibition allowed visitors to have their own spatial journey while visiting Chroma and experience Cruz-Diez important work individually. During the exhibition run, numerous classes visited the museum to view Chroma, integrating Cruz-Diez’s work into SCAD curricula. Over 9,000 students viewed the exhibition, demonstrating the museum’s function as a teaching tool that also extends its resources to the public. The exhibition was featured in leading publications including The New York Times, Whitewall, Vogue, Observer, Art in America, and Fohla Sao Paulo.

Cruz Diez 6
© Photography courtesy of SCAD
Cruz Diez 5
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Cruz Diez 4
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Cruz Diez 3
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Cruz Diez 1
© Photography courtesy of SCAD
Location of project:
Savannah College of Art and Design

Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota


Cruz Diez Art Foundation

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