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Jut Group Lecture Hall, Taipei

Designed by: MVRDV and Alexandra Kehayoglou Studio
For client: Jut Group Floor area: 240.00 M² Year of completion: 2017

Hr 8
© (c) Jut Group

Main lecture hall with seats

About the Project

MVRDV’s transformation of Jut Group's new 240 sq-m lecture hall takes into consideration that although it is a functional space for talks and events, it is also a public installation with an inviting, comfortable and attractive carpeted landscape. It takes the form of public architecture through unconventional design inspired by the natural landscape. The hall is used by a variety of audiences and connects to the exhibition programme in the gallery of Jut Foundation located on the ground floor.

It is a new typology for a lecture hall with its own unique work of art - a single, large-scale textile artwork by Argentinian artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou. Kehayoglou was perfect for this project because of her commitment to craftsmanship. Her pieces are the result of a laborious hand-tufting process that achieves to mimic natural textures such as moss, water, trees and pastures. The carpets can transform an entire room - as seen in this lecture hall - and echoes a green landscape.

MVRDV worked with Jut Land Development, the owner; AI Group, for the design development; Alexandra Kehayoglou, for the tapestry artwork; and DaYi Construction Group for the construction.

What’s unique about it

The design concept for this continuous green carpeted landscape draws on MVRDV and The Why Factory’s research into the potential of transformable environments. The interior is a green dream materialized and represents the natural landscape of Taiwan whilst also functioning as an acoustic intervention. This update transforms the lecture hall into a welcoming, green and continuous room with a single textile artwork encompassing the floor and wall created by Argentinian artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou. This site-specific intervention and unique work of art is signed with Kehayoglou’s style and her hand-tufting technique meant it took over a year to complete the work. The carpet is crafted from discarded threads from the artists’ family carpet factory in Buenos Aires and creates a unique atmosphere for the lecture hall - continuing Jut Group’s commitment to collaborating with the most talented artists, designers, and architects.

Hr 1
© (c) Jut Group

Main Lecture Hall without seats

Hr 3
© (c) Jut Group

Alexandra Kehayoglou Tapestry detail

Hr 7
© (c) Jut Group

Alexandra Kehayoglou Tapestry detail

Hr 4
© (c) Jut Group
Location of project:

Alexandra Kehayoglou

AI Group

DaYi Construction and Chris Chiu (AI Group)

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