Hillside House, Taiwan

For client: Mr.Lin Floor area: 600.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: House of the Year

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About the Project

A house is the basic type of architecture, but its function is complex. To address the complexity of daily life on this particular site, we split the house into four rectangular boxes that interact with the land in different ways, hoping to create various spaces to meet different functions along the sloping contour, and allow nature to flow in.
The split-boxes inset, touch or flow above the ground, they also slide horizontally and vertically in response to the changing slope to implicate the main and the subordinate, the public and the private, and to create the roofed parking space down below and semi-outdoor space above. Although seemingly independent, these rectangular boxes are inter-connected with ramp, stair and pathway on the inside and outside; walking through it, the arrangement of architecture create a constantly changing and overlapping view of man-made geometry and framed nature. And what thought to be enclosed and protected on the inside of the private space, are found to be open and reveal to the outside nature. It is implicit, not hidden. An experience could only be found on this particular site, for this particular gentleman.

What’s unique about it

The client has property in city. The hillside house should remain same living quality but also provide something different, something nature. Sunlight, wind, rain and green should be everywhere and also can be felt by many ways. The changing of weather reminds us the time passing; the growing and dying of nature reminds us the life going. It is the most luxury experience in this hillside house.
Due to the culture and weather issues, people in Taiwan are very conservative in residential space design; are very similar in the way of life. This project challenges traditional home concept and provide a new house vision for Taiwanese. It is the most challenging and valuable.

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06 Hillside House
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