Harbour Plaza Residences, Toronto

Designed by: Cecconi Simone Inc.
For client: Menkes Developments Inc. Floor area: 2787.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Co-Living Complex of the Year

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Party room including kitchen and bar facilities, casual and formal dining room with tufted upholstered dining chairs and contemporary chandeliers.

About the Project

Completed in Winter 2017, this project encompasses 2787 m² of space, including two lobbies, two additional entrances, and a range of amenity areas throughout the building. Wanting to create a coherent style while weaving personality into every room, the designers shaped a connected aesthetic that’s both architectural and unadorned, finding new uses for consistent materials throughout. Their goal was to mirror the lines of nature in a way that led seamlessly into the outdoors, using a classic canvas against which standout elements could shine.

Knowing longevity was their client’s principal concern, the design team set about creating an aesthetic that was more timeless than trendy, utilizing materials known for their durability to ensure long-term sustainability as well. The spaces flow together into a single vision, while managing visitor and resident traffic appropriately based on planned use. Carefully appointed accent lighting, in differing sizes and shapes, are placed at varying levels throughout the common spaces to add dimension and highlight the focal points of each room. Surprises are found at every corner, creating a unique living experience and definitive sense of home.

What’s unique about it

The design combines functionality with a unified vision. Through clean lines, a soft neutral palette and natural materials, the designers have created a seamless flow between spaces, drawing on nature both subtly in how light plays through the rooms, and more explicitly in the dramatic focal points.

To maximize functionality, they analyzed the use of each space closely, distinguishing one lobby for visitors through the use of a sleek Bianco Bellisamo granite concierge desk and geometrically designed brushed-brown patina steel screens – creating a sense of separation and privacy from the resident-oriented zones. A softer, more intimate aesthetic is featured in those residential areas, which include amenity spaces carefully curated to meet the needs of the condo community, with secluded places to read, study or lounge, and more public areas for socializing. Through repeated materials and continued inspiration from the outdoors, each flows into the next in a way that’s both unique and cohesive.

Innovation and artistry bloom in the details. Those include 2.5 m² tall tree-shaped light features with fiberglass trunks and branches, and translucent fabric canopies. They seem to grow from the floor itself, offering intimate seating beneath. Meanwhile, “tufted” detailing on the lounge walls – built from mineral composite panels and plastered joints – seamlessly match the room’s tufted furniture. Contemporary indoor tree swings, hung from the ceiling, add a sense of whimsy.

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Amenity double-sided fireplace lounge with "tufted" detailing on the walls built from mineral composite panels and plastered joints. Tree swing hung from ceiling adds a sense of whimsy and connects the interior with the exterior.

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Lounge space with connection to the outdoors. Tufted upholstered sofa and antique bronze mirror coffee table create a theatrical space for residents to socialize.

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Party room with formal dining and fireplace feature. Accent lighting hung at varying levels add dimension while highlighting the focal points of each room. Consistent materials used throughout the common areas and amenities including the Bianco Bellisamo

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Amenity reception and communal fireplace lounge. Tree light sculptures with fibreglass trunks and branches and translucent fabric canopies.

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Amenity two-sided fireplace lounge with tree light sculptures in foreground and soft seating for reading, studying and lounging.

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Ground floor fireplace lounge with cold-rolled steel with acid-etched finish feature wall. Custom glass pendants hung from the ceiling at different heights seem to float in the space.

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Detail of Bianco Bellisamo granite concierge desk and geometrically custom-designed steel screens.

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Created from cold-rolled steel, with a two-toned brushed brown patina finish, the screens feature a cutout leaf pattern that allows light to flow through to the rooms beyond, while colored hand-blown Czech glass balls are hung at different heights behind

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Residential lobby and reception area. The project features contemporary lines and a soft neutral palette with natural materials which create a seamless flow between the spaces and enhance the ceiling heights.

Location of project:
Cecconi Simone Inc.

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