The Lookout, Stockholm

Designed by: Note Design Studio
For client: Tarkett Floor area: 200.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Material

Public Score
3.09 Function
3.08 Innovation
3.15 Creativity
Tarkett Sff Thelookout 009 S Rgb Web
© Staffan Sundström

Inside the lookout

About the Project

For Stockholm design week 2018, Tarkett asked us at Note to reinterpret and show the design potentials of flooring materials by creating an innovative and welcoming space to explore. With architectonic elements and a progressive color palette, the combination of materials, colors and shapes demonstrates a whole new world of flooring possibilities. The result is The Lookout, a personal installation showing new perspectives and uses for flooring materials.
In The Lookout the visitor is able to experience how floor materials can be used in new and unexpected ways. The combination of wood, vinyl, linoleum and textile creates new design expressions, revealing the strength and unique qualities of the materials. The complex color palette consists of saturated shades of dark grey, brick red and moss green; with fresh accents of coral apricot and white stained oak. The stringent design of The Lookout is based on iconic archi-structures. We operated on two levels – one look catches the interest from afar, the other attracts the visitor from a close perspective.

What’s unique about it

With the Lookout we have made floors materials a natural part of the design context, with strong and progressive aesthetics. We transformed a formerly uncool materials into something beautiful and sophisticated

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© Staffan Sundström

The Bloggers corner

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© Staffan Sundström

Materials details and Welding rods

Tarkett Sff Thelookout 0010 S Rgb Web
© Staffan Sundström


Tarkett Sff Thelookout 004 S Rgb Web
© Staffan Sundström

Flooring materials as a furniture material in the kitchen desk at the Lookout

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© Staffan Sundström

The stair to the Lookout,

Location of project:
Note Design Studio

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