Jury prize

Annual Arca

Designed by: Héctor Esrawe

 + Manuel Cervantes
 + Mauricio Rocha 

+ Javier Sánchez

 + Javier Claverie
 + Rafael Rivera

 + Jorge Arvizu 

+ Ignacio del Río + Emmanuel Ramírez + Diego Ricalde
For client: Mármoles Arca + The Woodshop Floor area: 126.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Awarded: 年度贸易展台 Jury

About the Project

Annual Arca is a pavilion in which architects and designers created a piece reproduced more than 400 times made in Oxford gray granite obtaining different tones thanks to the effect of the lights. At the beginning of 2017, Javier Sánchez, Mauricio Rocha, Héctor Esrawe, Javier Claverie, Rafael Rivera, Jorge Arvizu and Manuel Cervantes traveled to Italy to visit Carrara. Seven architects and designers, of the most recognized in Mexico, with only one idea: to know the origins of marble, its roots and the extraction process. A trip where the relationship between the material and the work was fostered, between producers and architects, a human and non-commercial relationship.

What’s unique about it

Part of this process of work served to question the millionaire investments that are made for fairs of this type in which the projects have a useful life of a few days, for this reason, taking into account the economic effort, it was proposed to make a piece to be installed in Mexico City. A long-term investment, which serves the public space, while spreading collaborative work.

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