inSports, Beijing

设计: Powerhouse Company
业主: Yintai Group 面积: 1000.00 M² 完工年份: 2016
提名类别: 年度健身俱乐部


Located on the ground floor of the Yintai Centre in the CBD of Beijing, inSports is a high-end multifunctional social venue with ski and snowboard simulators, a sports area and dance club, all shaped in a white mountain landscape under a warm golden sky. Projections on floor and walls create a wide array of simulated environments. During the night the area is turned into a dance club. inSports follows a new trend in Chinese retail where live action and participation become an integral part of the retail experience.

Intrigued by the virtual aspect of the skiing, the design team created the concept of a digital summit scenery. Large triangles on a variety of platforms visualise mountains that organise the multifunctional area in a natural yet fluent way.

The mountain landscape is constructed in white Corian, which forms a harmonious contrast with the light grey sports floor and the golden anodised aluminium ceiling panels. The bold interior columns are cladded in large mirror panels making the structure disappear. A softer edge is given to the space with dark fabric panels, which cover the walls and improve the acoustics of the space. The bar and reception desk are both a combination of golden triangles and frosty white marble. A snowlike gradient covers the facade, and creates a beautiful and soft winter feeling for this cool new venue in China’s capital city.


The new inSports is a highly unique and innovative space being a cross-over between a retail and recreation space. Health-conscious shoppers can enjoy healthy food and drinks, taking a yoga or dancing class, try one of the many ski simulators and shop the latest fashion in sports accessories.

The digital mountains divide the space in a natural yet clear way, which makes the venue very user friendly. A large dance floor ensures a grand entrance and maximum flexibility at the same time, as a multitude of activities can take place here, supported by the projections on walls and floor. Hidden in the ceiling is an automatic projection screen system that helps create a variety of atmospheres: from a yoga studio surrounded by mountain lakes in the morning, to a skiing club flooded in daylight in the afternoon, to boxing studio in the evening, and a mysterious dance club at night.

The design language of the triangular shapes forming the mountain landscape is continued in the in the golden bar element where healthy snacks and juices are being sold, and in the cloak rooms where the sinks and mirrors are integrated in custom designed elements for a complete experience.

The project's ability to blend different programs and meet the demand of the health-conscious consumer is taken to a new level in this highly innovative and forward-seeing sports center. By combining retail, health and fitness, a unique and complete experience is formed, regardless the time of day.