About You Photostudio, Hamburg

Designed by: Studio Besau-Marguerre
For client: About You Floor area: 910.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 最佳色彩运用

About the Project

For the young online fashion brand About You, Hamburg-based design duo Studio Besau-Marguerre transformed an old industrial building into a vibrant and inspiring photo studio. The interior concept and furnishing for the in-house photo studio About Shots reflects the unique assets of the aspiring fashion brand whilst utilizing the architectural characteristics of the old industrial factory. Corresponding with the employees’ various requirements, the carefully conceived interior design concept meets the demands for a space to both work and de-stress in. Open spaces, a white and black wood ceiling, and large industrial windows that flood the old building with bright daylight were the starting point for this project. To break up the industrial character, Studio Besau-Marguerre added a palette of three strong colours that simultaneously relate to the surrounding of the old factory, the building itself, and the facade. The generous application of different and carefully selected materials and textures supports the main theme of dividing the generous space into various small islands such as photo studios, lounge areas, restrooms, kitchen and bar, as well as meeting rooms. In addition to the interior concept, a range of furniture was specifically designed for this project.

What’s unique about it

About You is all about fashion, great textiles, well-tailored clothes, strong colours and the perfect staging of all of these elements. The design brief tailored to the in-house photo studio About Shots, reflects the unique character of the fashion brand and offers staff the possibility to relax between shootings, productions and meetings and take their minds off work. The realized interior responds to this brief by conceptualizing a lounge area as a central square, signifying it with a rosé circle on the floor. It is annexed by half-cordoned off private islands to serve various functions such as relaxing, exchanging ideas, recharging and sleeping. Large structured glass panels with black metal frames define the separate areas whilst the see-through walls diffuse the surroundings and let attractions and impressions fade into space. Large panels made of Kvadrat textiles and fashion prints by About You provide additional focal points, casually leaning on the wall as if someone just set them briefly aside. Through the use of a bold, striking colour palette and varied textured materials, the concept mirrors the fashion brand’s character and allows for the staff to deeply immerse themselves in the unique identity.

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