Zaans Medical Centre, Zaandam

设计: Mecanoo and Silo
业主: Zaans Medical Centre, Zaandam; Vitaal ZorgVast, Bunnik 面积: 38500.00 M² 完工年份: 2017
提名类别: 年度医疗保健中心


Zaans Medical Centre is the first lean hospital in the Netherlands. It is an efficient and compact building in which professional healthcare and a personal approach strengthen each other. Architecture, urbanism, landscape and interior are brought together in a coherent design. Clear routing, an abundance of daylight, and positive distractions contribute to an environment that does not feel like a hospital, but rather a place that promotes wellbeing.

The patient experience played a crucial role in the design process. Positive distractions can reduce the stress of a hospital visit and facilitate recovery. The spacious multi-storey lobby has the feel of a welcoming public building. Semi-circular voids and skylights, the use of wood, bright colours, good acoustics and unobstructed views of the surroundings provide a pleasant atmosphere. All hospital wards can be accessed from an internal street with many sheltered waiting areas. At either end of the street is a landscaped courtyard. More than 3,500 square metres of hand-drawn illustrations on walls, glazed partitions, and lifts refer to the industrial heritage of the Zaan region. A special spiral slide offers children an adventurous way to travel between levels.


The architecture of the ZMC is friendly, accessible, and concentrated on a human scale. Matching this positioning, the integrated plan seeks to enrich the experience of the spatial environment. Despite the increased levels of stress and emotion experienced by many hospital visitors, there are few hospitals who have paid attention to positive distraction for their guests. 

Subtle interventions in the building provide added value. Such interventions which are now visible throughout the building and are great way to tell a story. In general, a hospital is a destination one would rather avoid. Acknowledging this, the ZMC seeks a personal relationship with the people from the region. The spatial design supports this ambition within healthcare environments in a distinctive way. 

The building is BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certified.