MOMO Pictures, Beijing

Designed by: PAL Design Group
For client: Momo Inc. Floor area: 3600.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度大型办公室

About the Project

True to the pioneering spirit of one of the fastest-growing mobile app startup in China, Momo's new office in Beijing boasts the perfect breeding ground for creativity and innovation.

Throughout a horizontally interlocking geometric layout, natural light diffuses down through its myriad skylights in various shapes and angles. They are in particular inspirational for designers who find them not dissimilar to a film roll unwinding. What is particularly worth noting is the two entrances to the resulting airy interior, including one specially dedicated to catwalks or popup performances as special guests are prepared for the magic within as they follows a long, secret path with an origamic corridor with triangular skylights connecting to the cinema. The main foyer opens up and designated as an open stage with multi-level decks emerging on both side as handy seats for the open space in between, which doubles as an ad-hoc stage fitted with track lights above.

Despite a simple black-and-white colour scheme with occasional wood furnishings, thoughtful details abound, and offering as many possibilities is central to the overall brief. Concluding the overall design on a high note is the theatre floor below ground with a spacious reception area to prepare guests for a professional-grade cinema for screenings.

What’s unique about it

The dynamics of the interior space is based on the theatrical nature of the company and the fact that it houses not just the office itself, but also one cinema, workshops and rehearsal space that belongs to it. The dynamics of the working space have to do with its accessibility. As users are always "on the move" and commute within the office from product tests to team meetings, such flexibility and freedom, thanks to all the in-between, undefined open spaces, helps facilitate workflows and fulfill unique spatial potentials from social interactions to mind-stimulating inspirations.

The following comprehensive facilities, connected by a dynamic, flexible and immersive interior, helps inspire a generation of creative professionals and complement the bold, asymmetrical architecture.

Star Passage
A separate entrance with an origamic corridor with triangular skylight is dedicated for pop stars and special guests connecting to cinema.

Open Stage
An open stage is created for social interactions to mind-stimulating inspirations for the directors and staff.

Double Staircase
The double staircase is a significant centerpiece for the office featuring a lightwell for connection.

The theater floor below ground offers a spacious lounge area and a professional-grade cinema for screenings.

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