SIS Preschool, Gurugram

Designed by: PAL Design Group
For client: Balaji Group Floor area: 809.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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Public Score
5.20 Function
5.03 Innovation
5.10 Creativity
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This innovative preschool invites kids to various edutainment experiences.

About the Project

The generous abundance of natural light and a close resemblance to outdoor nature are close to the heart of this three-storey preschool space for children aged from 1.5 to 4.5. Playfully juxtaposing geometric shapes with round-off edges, which echo the architectural structure itself, the design team has put together a delightful mix of fun and surprises to stimulate the imagination by encouraging different modalities of learning.

Taking connection between different areas as major design consideration, open areas are divided by see-through partitions and progresses one after another in a coherent flow. Playrooms are designed differently to accommodate diverse interests: some are better for music, while others resemble art studios and so on. What they all have in common is encouraging movement as one of the foundation for child’s healthy physical and mental development. Learning requires a sense of wonder and child-like enthusiasm that extends throughout our live. Every space can be a learning space, within the school, educational space is not confined by classrooms, space such as café, library, art room and sports hall are integrated for diverse learning.

What’s unique about it

This project aims to contribute to a better early childhood learning environment with the philosophy that learning should happen everywhere so the better the design, the better the education.

The design process focuses on how light can interact with children as they learn and explore. A multi-storey lightwell is introduced as a multi-lighted central feature successfully directs and diffuses light downwards and sideways, filling the spaces with ample possibilities for kids to enjoy. Meticulous care has been put into the window slits, to fit children's proportions, feeding their curiosity and drawing their eyes towards the outdoor garden, in addition to devoting gathering spaces and seats towards the other floor-length windows to catch maximum light.

Another concept for the school is to create a transversal relationship between the interior and exterior worlds, enhancing the ambiguity between them. The exterior of the preschool is tailored to connect the interior space to its inhabitants with a series of physical activity and play including a sand pit, water game and outdoor reading area etc.

The overall design takes a minimalist approach to remove unnecessary decoration, with a sense of scale, soft lighting, neutral palettes help to create a calm but boundless environment for children to explore.

© Suryan // Dang

Connects nature to outdoor sand pit.

© Suryan // Dang

The exterior of the preschool is tailored to connect the interior space.

© Suryan // Dang

Well-lit, barrier-free petite café for interactions among kids and adults.

© Suryan // Dang

The space encourage children to explore our tangible world in a feast of sights and space.

© Suryan // Dang

In a simply yet smart pastel palette enables children to nurture healthy minds and spirits.

© Suryan // Dang

Padded area and pods welcome kids to play and learn.

© Suryan // Dang

An indoor climbing net stretching across a floor in between a multi-storey lightwell.

© Suryan // Dang

Basketball court integrates with natural daylight.

© Suryan // Dang

Design of washroom invites interaction with space. 

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