Canon of Dutch History, Arnhem

Designed by: Kossmann.dejong exhibition architects
For client: Holland Open Air Museum Floor area: 2000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度展览设计

About the Project

The Canon of Dutch History, an overview of the entire history of the Netherlands, comes to life as a new presentation in the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem (NL). The main aim of this exhibition, developed in close partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, is to offer an immersive insight into the highs and lows of the Dutch past. Kossmann.dejong designed the exhibition as a fascinating visual narrative across four consecutive spaces. The stories are shared by characters in a series of spatial film projections who share a glimpse into their daily lives both from today and the past. Spectacular multimedia ‘film sets’ of historic Dutch icons create a totally immersive, sensory experience of the past. The integration of (romantic-) realistic elements add tactility and familiarity for a wide audience and film projections bring the sets to life. Visitors can swipe through all 50 Canon themes on a 18-m-long interactive Canon wall, where it becomes clear that history is more than just a collection of topics: it is one continuing, rich story with infinite connections, and this exhibition forms a starting point to discover this treasure.

What’s unique about it

The theatrical combination of physical, interactive and audio-visual media with unique collection presentations results in an engaging and fascinating visual narrative. The carefully reconstructed spatial collage of historic icons is interwoven with stories from everyday people, giving visitors an in-depth experience of the past from today’s perspective.

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