35 Spring Street, Melbourne

Designed by: Bates Smart
For client: Cbus Property Floor area: 57000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度住宅区

About the Project

35 Spring Street is a luxury residential tower that occupies an extraordinary position on the eastern boundary of the Hoddle Grid, opposite the Treasury Gardens. The tower’s sculptural quality and patterned façade differentiates itself among other high-rise buildings and distinguishes it as a unique residential tower within the Melbourne skyline.

On a 1,320 square metre site, the 44 level tower incorporates 241 apartments. The project originally comprised 270 apartments, but now includes 241 apartments due to high demand for customisation and combined apartments which were tailored for owner-occupiers.

The tower’s design was inspired by its location. Flinders Lane is currently an artistic and cultural destination within the city, however in the 1880s, the lane was the home to Melbourne’s burgeoning fabric and fashion industry. Spring Street is characterised by Melbourne’s most important historic and government buildings. Drawing inspiration from both precincts, the façade interprets the warp and weft weaving of fabric in reference to the history of Flinders Lane, as well as the ashlar patterns found in the stonework of the nearby historic buildings.

The high level residential amenities include: a 25 metre lap pool, a gymnasium, a wine cellar, a lounge and dining facilities, and a kitchen and deck with a barbecue. These amenities distinguish the project and have helped it become an extremely successful co-living complex.

What’s unique about it

The completed tower incorporates 241 apartments. Internally, the often customised residences feature timeless contemporary design, rich layered and textural finishes and a high level of bespoke detailing.

The veiled and patterned façade informs the interior design of the apartments, framing views to either the Treasury Gardens or the surrounding city beyond. The veil also provides apartments with inside-outside environments in the form of protected terraces and balconies.

The project demonstrates a market demand for larger-scale apartments within Melbourne and promotes the idea of offering liveable homes within the CBD.

The design focused on creating sophisticated spaces for the residents. The residents’ lounge features a striking fireplace and intimate seating arrangements. Initially this premium space was considered for hospitality or retail facilities, however, it was decided that the residential experience should be prioritised and as a result the space was curated with the residents in mind.

The lounge has become one of the more successful spaces within the building and provides a space where people can meet their neighbours or relax by the fireplace and read a book. The architecture of the building is echoed in lobby space, as the grid of the façade extends into the interior spaces.

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