Dongying Shidai Cinema, Hangzhou

Designed by: One Plus Partnership Limited
For client: Hangzhou Entertainment Investment Co Ltd Floor area: 8000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度娱乐场所

About the Project

In the old times, movies were being produced frame by frame with film rolls. A number of film rolls were combined in one second to form consecutive images. The designers use still images of frame produced by film rolls as the concept of this cinema. Cuboids in different lengths are scattered in the space to showcase the film rolls of classical movies over the years.

Once entered the lobby, a lot of cuboids arranged in different manners came to the eyes of the audiences. They are pointing towards different angles, and are stacked up to become the facilities. These cuboids are just like framed images running towards the audiences, creating a strong visual effect with the speed. The cinema has adopted blue and brown as the main color scheme with different shades of blue cuboids wrapped with brown edge. This unusual combination enables the cuboids to be more prominent, as well as strengthening the 3D effect. The ends of the cuboids are installed with small televisions to play clips and cinema-related images, representing the linkage of individual images and clips. Designers specially use brown marble floor in which the irregular stripe pattern intersects with the cuboids to subtly highlight the brown adornments.

What’s unique about it

The cuboids are also stacked up as ticket counters and concession area, shortening the distance between the audiences and the adornments. The custom-made concession display shelves have also incorporated the elements of cuboids which extend towards different angles. The cuboids are even of greater difference and in a different blue color so that the audiences can differentiate the space with the lobby at first sight.

The staircase to the auditoriums is also in a cuboid shape. Although the height of each staircase remains the same, the width has intentionally been designed to be different. Some of them are extended to become chairs or space to place the audiences’ belongings. The extension design is of an aesthetic and practical value, as well as linking the staircase to the lobby area.

In order to maximize the enjoyment of audiences, designers also brought the roll film theme to all auditoriums. Every auditorium has a slight difference. In the cinema largest IMAX auditorium, the cuboids are presented in another way than the lobby by using hundreds of acoustic panels to cover the whole space. They are surrounding the audiences from the ceiling to the floor, creating a film like visual effect with which the audiences will be immersed in before watching the movie. Meanwhile, designers have specially designed the kid auditorium where the seats are tailor made for children to help them enjoy the movie comfortably.

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