CC-Tapis Stand, Milan

Designed by: Studio MILO
For client: cc-tapis Floor area: 80.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度贸易展台

Public Score
5.41 Function
5.43 Innovation
5.43 Creativity

About the Project

Reminiscent of museum installations and characterized by perspective views where the rugs interact and suggest a creative dialogue between themselves and the space. A perfect combination of product and presentation where the audience is invited to touch the rugs and experience the stand.

The iconic arches of the façade, referencing the Colosseo Quadrato of Rome, are utilized also in the interior, becoming a visual leitmotif for the brand. Particular attention has also been paid to texturized materials, taken from the world of construction, reinterpreted both in it’s use and in the homogeneous color palette comprised of neutral tones.

What’s unique about it

Through this stand we tried to create a space which exalted the brand and highlighted the product whilst creating a unique experience for the user. cc-tapis is a young and dynamic brand and to achieve these goals Studio MILO researched innovative materials which had never been utilised in a fairground context before creating a youthful and unique juxtapostion with the iconic style of architecture.

We believe that FRAME stands for innovative and considerate design and through this stand we believe we achieved those goals.

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