Aranya Kid's Restaurant, Qinhuangdao

Designed by: Wutopia Lab
For client: Aranya Floor area: 1000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度餐厅

Public Score
4.93 Function
5.13 Innovation
5.25 Creativity

About the Project

Directly from the outdoor stairs, first stepping into the light forest on the second floor. Under the soft lighting of the light ceiling, the matte PVC pipe encloses a circular dining hall and two private dining room surrounded by polycarbonate panels. Circular, diffuse lighting, and white tones will make you lose a sense of texture, scale, and direction in this space.

You can enter the ground floor under the starry skies along the grand staircase. Under the starry sky ceiling, we created a playground for kids using PVC hollow balls, glass fiber cloth, marine plastic balls, artificial stone and floor glue. With a magic mirror as the border of the game space, we try to distort the realism of the place, as if time is paused.

At the edge of the main space, there is a pink memory bathroom, a sea sound bathroom, a mirror pool, a stainless steel slide, a trampoline, a bubble tree, and a mysterious picture book area, hidden at the corners in this Neverland, and wait for kids to discover for themselves.

The most prominent space of the entire restaurant is the red flying house built on the roof with double perforated aluminum panels. Following the yellow staircase, going through a stainless steel floor, bypassing the bubble tree, twisting toward the ridge, and you can see the light is getting brighter and brighter. This flying house could become an obvious sign of the park easily. It could also be a lighthouse, pointing out the limitations of our lives.

What’s unique about it

Kid’s Restaurant, raised from imaginations yet reflecting a sense of reality, aims to turn everyday life into a “magic reality”, and create a daily miracle that can reveal the truth of real life. Using polycarbonate panels, a mixture of prairie villa and contemporary art-deco style, we wrapped the original facade with a translucent facade. Heading into the restaurant, a design philosophy that we insist all along, antithesis, is at play. The children playground appears to be very dark with mellow dimmed lights scattered on the ceiling, and a reflective wavy wall treatment making the space expanding infinitely; the use of translucent and transparent materials also help to diffuse the lighting in the space. This dark space, then according to antithesis, is in a direct contrast against the fully lightened white restaurant space above it. Kid’s Restaurant serves as a Neverland for kid’s as Aranya Resorts is for the parents, and we did it by using the color as a guiding line to lure the attention of kids onto the yellow staircase, then finally to the red fly house on the rooftop. It can be for the adults, and it can be for the kids, or it can be for both of them. We hope that our design can reflect truth in the reality through an illusion. Antithesis exists within the parallelism, and in that, we feel the Aranya Kid’s restaurant is the best example of this design philosophy.

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