Adidas Valley, Herzogenaurach

设计: Actincommon
业主: Adidas 面积: 1500.00 M² 完工年份: 2017
参赛类别: 年度小型办公室


The Adidas headquarters, the World Of Sports, embodies their brand attributes of fitness and urbanity with its various buildings. Set up as a campus, here office and administration buildings mingle with workshops, beach volleyball courts, and basketball grounds, all interlinked through lavish greenery; sports is omnipresent. It is a microcosm for global trends and urban lifestyle anchored in rural Bavaria with its Frankonian atmosphere.
At the heart of the World of Sports within the Laces building, the new Adidas valley becomes a place to meet and exchange – the vibrant heart of the building so to speak, surrounded by single and open-plan offices. The Valley offers a multi-faceted work environment for Adidas employees by combining workspaces with a co- creation area and lounge platforms – even including a smoothie bar. In contrast to the technological appearance of the existing architecture, a new look and feel is generated through the use of soulful, transparent and natural surfaces. Visual references to the World Of Sports are added through the combination of raw and urban materials, underlining our approach to create an attractive and unique work environment.


Working environments are undergoing a substantial change. Smart devices, tablets, laptops and smartphones replace permanently installed workstations. An individual demand on flexible working hours, spaces and interior design leads to a creative challenge for workspace planning. People want to be in charge again of the way they work, and the office needs to adapt accordingly. Firms are beginning to realise the importance of offering a modern and inviting environment not only to inspire people, but to attract the best talent to their brand. Our challenge was to create a space that fulfills this desire for autonomy and self-expression without compromising productivity. The concept employs form not just for function, but to materialize these abstract needs of the modern worker. Offering much more than simply a desk, Adidas Valley epitomizes the contemporary workplace by creating a comfortable atmosphere that attracts a talented workforce and fosters a sense of community.