Usfin Atelier, Sydney

Designed by: George Livissianis Interior Architecture
For client: Daniel Jianing Liu Floor area: 360.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度单一品牌店

Public Score
4.97 Function
4.84 Innovation
4.89 Creativity

About the Project

The intent was to create an ultra modern, minimal & futuristic salon that redefined the traditional salon experience. The brief was to create a flexible space within the 300 square meter warehouse, so that the entire space could be cleared out & used for seminars & collaborations with designers & artists.

We started our process looking for mobility- airplane trolleys, freight container & music cases. We wanted to create hair station ‘pods’ that could be wheeled in, opened up for an appointment & wheeled away again. We also wanted to enhance the difference between the early 1900’s warehouse character & the futuristic vision of aluminium & clear polycarbonate.

We had to consider the different functions- the wash areas, colourist tables, waiting spaces & cutting/styling area & storage space. We planned the space to concealed the wash and storage spaces within a polycarbonate ‘box’ that acts as the back drop to the cutting pods. We also created an oversized entry counter to function as a large working table for classes & a colour mixing lab on wheels.

What’s unique about it

It’s functionally driven - the ability to completely clear out the space, the need to create secluded spaces for client comfort, the intent to feel like a futurist laboratory rather than a typical salon. All of these functional requirements and aesthetic client aspirations have been fundamental to the design of the salon.

& It’s designed around the user experience- an awareness of comfort. Privacy and seclusion have helped shape the design & planning of the studio. From the individual wash cubicles to the scale of the cutting pods that create a sense of personal space- they have all been designed with the user experience in mind.

But its the mobility of the space that makes it special. We worked with case makers to create a customised aluminium clad cutting pod. We detailed the interior of the pod to be minimal & functional- aluminium storage for cutting tools, a full height mirror, soft lighting & power for hair dryers etc. The case plugs in via an umbilical chord like an old telephone chord- plug in, plug out & wheel away. Its a ceremonious experience to arrive to a closed aluminium box and be in awe when the case opens to reveal the cutting station.

Finally the simplicity of materials- clear polycarbonate and aluminium with a white space create an exhilarating feeling when you arrive & is a perfect representation of Daniel & the Usfin Brand.

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