Gear Wheels Factory, Amsterdam

设计: ZW6 | Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar
业主: Private 面积: 180.00 M² 完工年份: 2017
参赛类别: 年度小型公寓


We believe it is important that residents can make optimal use of the given space by creating various atmospheres and functions.

The hull delivery was raw and challenging, and the industrial vibe was very present. It was clear that this could be broken, but breakthroughs must be connected, so the staircase became the connecting factor in the design. The entire wooden volumes give warmth, but also strength through the solid block structure. The powerful form carries a seemingly floating floor that offers a place for intimacy and personality. Dynamic connection between form and person, large and small, high and low, dark and light is therefore a big theme in the design.

The kitchen has its own twist, we use natural stone to give the solid character more strength. The dark color is chosen so that the rest of the room is experienced as even lighter. Contrast strengthens the space in this case. For in the bedroom the stucco wall and further basic materials come back to respect the function of a loft. This way, all the separate spaces form a whole.

All materials we used are cradle to cradle and the installations we placed have guarantee for long-term quality. We have made use of existing elements and materials as much as possible. The stucco is made up of clay and pure natural pigments and minerals, just like the paint. We used vintage old oak, all lighting is obviously led and the building materials are 'fair' and originating from (around) Amsterdam.


The existing structure gave us a living space, separate bedroom and bathroom, but we missed a place where you can be alone for a while. This space is about well-being and rest in the vibrant city centre.
In the newly created 'little house' in the loft you can work, make music and withdraw. The openings in the wall provide a subtle connection with its surroundings downstairs. The natural light that enters, creates magical scenes. The added space is small and intimate, in contrast to the ground floor. What fits with his function. A new mezzanine was created, supported by the existing steel structure of the factory.
The staircase is draped around it and runs in the back wall into a bookcase, this cabinet is separate from the new floor allowing an interesting game between above and below.

In terms of material, warm and robust wood has been chosen in combination with tight white and a concrete floor in order not to let the industrial origin disappear.

It was a challenge to keep an open space with the presence of 2 stairs, without being too restless. We found the solution in designing forms that functionally serve as a staircase, but also as a cool object, storage space, kitchen wall and bookcase.

Where you live and what your living environment looks like, is mainly related to a psychological translation of character and personality of the residents to form color and material. In this case, the location may also speak. This is not an everyday house. But a unique place.