Salvatori Apartment, Milan

Designed by: Elisa Ossino
For client: Salvatori Floor area: 110.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度大型公寓

About the Project

The Milan apartment of Gabriele Salvatori, the CEO of design brand Salvatori was completely renovated before opening its doors to the public in 2017 in the form of Casa Salvatori: a real home which personifies the design principles of the brand and acts as a type of extension of the Salvatori showroom across the courtyard. Whist primarily a private home, it has also become a space in which to host architects and designers in a more intimate, convivial context.
The classic soul of the 200-year old apartment, with its standout features such as the fireplace and original Terrazzo floors took on a new vibrancy as a result of the modern colour palette in which strong tones in a variety of declinations play off each other and distinctive, contemporary furnishings.
Eschewing conventionality, the exposed beams of the main living spaces were painted in an elegant dark green, each room in a slightly different tone. The dominance of the roof is a counterpoint to the bold geometric forms of the furniture, each piece carefully selected to strike the perfect contrast with the walls in an engrossing dialogue between warm & cool colours. The two bathrooms showcase Salvatori’s signature textures and products, from the basins and shower trays to lighting and accessories.

What’s unique about it

The apartment is your typical inner-city old Milan space, with classic features which we sought to complement in a surprising fashion. Instead of going down the more conventional route of choosing colours, furniture and fittings of a more traditional, classic ilk, we opted for bold, dramatic modernity.
Moreover, as part of that transformation process, we also were able to create a special connection between home and business environments. The apartment is home to Gabriele Salvatori who also just happens to be the CEO of design brand Salvatori with a flagship showroom in the very same courtyard.
By transforming the home of its CEO into a living example of the Salvatori brand and incorporating a number of products into it, we enable consumers, designers and architects to get up close and personal and experience our products in a more intimate context. All this with no compromise to either the interior décor of the apartment or the lifestyle of its inhabitant.

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