Shoebaloo, Amsterdam

Designed by: MVSA Architects
For client: Shoebaloo Floor area: 80.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度多品牌店

About the Project

After 15 years wonderful years, it was time to reinvent our iconic existing store. Now we completed a fresh and beautiful space in which visitors encounter a continuously evolving atmosphere and colour palette.
The concept is based on a unique customer experience. On the street, the striking three-coloured natural stone shopfront quickly captivates shoppers. Its eye-catching mirrored patterns draw passers-by inside, walking through the symmetrical abstract forms that become the gateway to a golden experience.
At first sight, you’re surrounded by the appealing and classy atmosphere of a store with beautifully displayed shoes. Then, as you move around, you notice the background changing, constantly throwing fresh focus onto the footwear. The shelves seem to float, thanks to a design featuring matt and transparent elements that adjoin the wall.
An ingenious consistently applied two-tone stripe sculpture of gold and anthracite give varying amounts of space to a brilliantly bright background. The interplay of light in the multi-coloured ceiling highlights the monumental display case for bags and accessories. But even here all is not what it seems. An alternating pattern of reflective and luminous materials gives an extra spatial dimension.
Yet you see much more than a symbiosis of three colours: the walls move with you and change with every step you take, coruscating somewhere at a point in the spectrum of light, dark and gold.

What’s unique about it

Our store is the only one on PC Hooftstraat with no shop window. This places all the attention on the amazing entrance, made of Ice Stone marble, of which we used the dark veins and unique green ‘eyes’ in a spectacular mirrored pattern to draw passers-by inside, where their first experience is focussed on the all-important product.
The interior design is based on requirements for a shop in the online-age: Experiences matter. When shoes can be viewed digitally across so many platforms, seeing them ‘in the flesh’ and trying them on becomes a unique encounter. Therefore we emphasized the physical products. We ‘empowered’ the shoes by creating an abstract seductive setting with a large area surface. The ultraluxury brands are, after all, quite able to speak for themselves. Placing them on transparent shelves allows them to take centre stage; the way the shelves meet the wall make the displays appear to float, adding a touch of magic.
Delicate louvres created from aluminium strips– coloured gold as you enter the store, anthracite when you walk the other way – achieve a subtle colour-change effect, the a kind of melting, shimmering glamour. In this mirage-like interior, the gorgeous shoes appear all the more substantial and desirable. The store is only 80m2, which we approached functionally to make the new interior more spacious. The cashdesk is compact and linear. Together with the two glass display cases, it uses space efficiently, not drawing attention from the products.

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