Accenture Innovation Hub, Tokyo

Designed by: Gensler and Associates / International, Ltd.
For client: Accenture Japan Ltd Floor area: 7540.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度大型办公室

Public Score
5.03 Function
5.16 Innovation
5.10 Creativity

About the Project

A global consulting firm, Accenture opened the Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo (AIT) as a state-of-art facility where Accenture professionals collaborate with clients to turn innovative ideas into reality. The Hub features facility and function for design thinking, prototyping and testing to correspond to the needs for rapid innovation.

Accenture Innovation Hubs exist in several countries, each with different design concept and features that narrate the context and culture of each location. For Tokyo, the question asked was “what is Japanese innovation?” Accenture stated that Made in Japan manufacturing is the key to Innovation. At AIT, the client experience emphasizes look, touch & feel in different perspectives to spark new ideas.
The mission of new Hub is to realize an innovation eco system where clients start by experiencing the technologies, then gather, converge and deliver ideas and finally, execute and implement the ideas into products. The outcomes are represented as gemstones of new technologies to complete the ever looping innovation eco system.

What’s unique about it

In order to reinvent businesses for the future, the design concept turned back to the origin of manufacturing in Edo era 400 years ago—a period of extreme innovation, unification and growth in Japan.

AIT is spread across two floors, symbolically representing the Machiya, which is a merchant house from the Edo era town, with a store on the lower level, and residence on the upper level. For the Hub, the lower level is a place to invent ideas and technologies from scratch, and the upper level is a place for the professionals take home the ideas and develop raw outcomes. On the lower level of AIT, various clients, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs meet, collaborate, and create. A symbol of co-creation welcomes you to the open-space cityscape-inspired room. Demo wagons feature tatami design elements to symbolize Japanese manufacturing’s attention to detail. On the upper level of AIT, professionals relax and unleash their creativity within a homey atmosphere. Designed to resemble an atelier, this space provides the space for creative talents to focus on their projects, and brings together experts with various backgrounds to immediately respond to clients’ requests with a holistic multidisciplinary approach. The Hub also includes a space for extended collaborative work sessions, an art column that represents the collaboration of various talents, and engaging interactive digital signage on a wall of louvers.

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