Napapijri, Shoreditch

Designed by: StudioXAG
For client: Napapijri Floor area: 85.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度快闪店

Public Score
6.85 Function
6.75 Innovation
6.85 Creativity

About the Project

After successfully designing Napapijri’s ‘Out of Nowhere’ pop-up, StudioXAG were given the opportunity to create the brand’s first UK own-buy retail space. The brief was to design a conceptual store with a strong focus on digital innovation and to drive brand awareness within the UK. Focusing on the iconic Rainforest Jacket as the hero product, an immersive rainforest space was born in the heart of Shoreditch for customers to explore. With a minimal store footprint, a myriad of corrugated mirror surrounds the perimeter, giving the perception of expanse; reflecting natural light and the abundance of foliage, allowing customers to lose themselves in the space. A gold mirror feature fitting room provides a sense of warmth to the back of the store, and through concealed doors customers are transported into a tactile, felt-clad fitting room where lighting and music can be controlled digitally. With a soft-sell focus, the cash&wrap is enclosed within the perimeter, allowing the product to become hero. To enhance the digital experience, a heritage jacket is placed behind transparent screen technology, with digital content of Napapijri’s history programmed to trigger when customers approach. iPads integrated across the store allow customers to order sizes which are seamlessly prepared in the fitting room, ready to try on.Plywood stacks form seating areas and a work bench in the window faces out through the rebellious graffiti sprayed fascia, targeting the creative Shoreditch customer

What’s unique about it

We believe that the best designs are formed from a clear creative design process but also from taking risks. Experimenting with materials in pioneering ways and inventively twisting design challenges to form solutions that enhance both the store aesthetic and the shopping experience.
The success fo the Napapijri Shoreditch pop-up speaks for itself. The store makes a bold statement, creating a stand-out immersive space utilising new technology to elevate the product and engage a new customer for the future.
Taking into consideration all of the deliverables outlined in the brief, StudioXAG designed a show-stopping experiential space, boldly cutting through the traditional landscape of retail pop-ups and successfully rooting Napapijri within the Shoreditch market.
The pop-up continues to drive high footfall, with customers returning to dwell within the space to work and relax. StudioXAG delivered a digitally enhanced store with integrated technology to create a seamless shopping experience, engaging the customer within Napapijri's rich history whilst remaining firmly focused on the future.
The store has already attracted a lot of attention from several social media influencers and retail blog channels. The fascia of the store has even been used for artwork form American Grammy award nominated artist, J.Cole for his latest single 'Tribe'.

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