Out of Nowhere, Napapijri, London

Designed by: Studio XAG
For client: NAPA P I J R I Floor area: 85.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度快闪店

Public Score
6.67 Function
6.66 Innovation
6.71 Creativity

About the Project

Interpreting the vast desert scenery from Italian brand Napapijri’s ‘Out of Nowhere’ campaign, StudioXAG designed and produced an exclusive pop-up space to launch the premium outerwear brand in the UK. Located in Shoreditch; their first UK physical space brings the campaign to life and creates a strong impression on a new market. Shot amid a barren landscape, the campaign rejects borders in favour of geographical ambiguity, propelled by Theresa May’s infamous statement “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere”. As a homage to independent London; Napapijri collaborated with Vice to host a unique programme of events within the space, inviting a selection of London-based publications to curate workshops and parties embodying the brand’s “future-positive” mentality. Redefining the traditional corner shop; a fluorescent orange façade with a rebellious giant logo proudly disrupts the high street. Huge banners cover the upper floors of the building, while exposed light boxes embrace the imperfection of the original architecture. In-store, the campaign is realised to create a unified holistic experience. The walls are wrapped entirely in graphics simulating the arid landscape, offset with bold neon signage. Hand-sculpted earth-like terrain lines the perimeter of the space, with high impact screens planted into the mounds. At the back of the space, an arc of monolithic mirror beams functions both as an immersive shareable moment and a performance area

What’s unique about it

Napapijri holds a long-standing reputation throughout Europe as an authentic heritage brand for adventure. As part of a continuous collaboration with Napapijri, StudioXAG were posed with the challenge of introducing Napapijri to London and in-turn the rest of the UK with the launch of their ‘Out of Nowhere’ campaign in the brand’s first UK physical space, with an objective to move into credible streetwear territory. StudioXAG created a brave, immersive pop-up space in the heart of Shoreditch. With no physical product for sale; Napapijri chose instead to focus on brand awareness through events and workshops, connecting directly with their London “tribe”. The space hosted over 20 sold-out workshops and events over six weeks, with 28 influencers curating inclusive London-centric events. London is known for its progressive movements, so who better to represent Napapijri in this city than those very people - the leaders and boundary pushers defining London’s future. Visitors were fully-immersed in the ‘Out of Nowhere’ world, with a range of engaging activities and influential parties encouraging social sharing. With more than 4 million social interactions and over 170 pieces of coverage, the pop-up space generated overwhelming levels of positive social media-cementing their positive brand perception firmly in the East London scene. The success of this pop-up resulted in Napapijri extending their residency and revamping the space into a semi-permanent shoppable concept store

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