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The Macallan Visitor Experience, Craigellachie

For client: The Edrington Group Floor area: 14800.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度展览设计

Public Score
4.65 Function
4.61 Innovation
4.70 Creativity

About the Project

The home of one of the worlds most famous single malt whiskies lies at the foot of the Scottish Highlands, at Craigellachie. Here, a new light-flooded distillery building by the architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has been embedded in the landscape. Up to 15.000 sqm are dedicated to pre-booked guided tours. They include a brand wall to welcome the visitors and a tasting area as well as the 'Cave Privée' containing 150 original barrels staged with light.
The visitor routing leads through the spectacular production hall, which is impressive in terms of architecture and content. A persuasive experience of The Macallan Brand is provided.
Six sophistically designed information pillars, acting as key points along the tour, provide access to the legendary history of the company, to the processes within the distillery as well as to the brand values of The Macallan. Each of this hands-on installations is positioned in direct context to its surrounding, explaining it. They are made of prestigious materials and contain clever kinetic models.
To offer immersive experiences, the tour contains three thematic pavilions. All the production stages and components that lead to the whisky are presented in these walkable settings. They explain the importance of wood for maturation in the oak barrel, the magic of blending and the composition of the whisky, with its different colours ranging from amber to ruby red, and, finally, the much-anticipated final product, the whisky itself.

What’s unique about it

Designing "The Macallan Visitor Experience" was challenging in terms of dealing with a huge daylight space and a sophisticated content. The variegated exhibition should convey the myth, history and art of distilling of The Macallan, not only offering information, but an immersive experience of the Brand with all its aspect.
A guided visitor routing was embedded in the building, interacting with the distillery’s architecture and the impressive surrounding landscape to achieve an atmospheric, dense experience. The routing, which is aimed to address all senses, is characterised by the high-quality information pillars as well as walkable, staged pavilions. Both of them represent convincing solutions to the challenges to be dealt with. The clever kinetic pillars, each of them designed as unique, playful sculptures, provide information on the context. The quality of the whisky is reflected in the high quality of each pillar and since the tour is located in the actual production hall of The Macallan it becomes very powerful and authentic. In addition to these six pillars the walkable pavilions were created to allow the visitors to fully indulge in the experience.
The diversity of the brand as well as the complexity of the product are conveyed both spatially and in terms of content. The visitors are reached emotionally by variegated means of sensory experiences, creating a long-lasting memory.

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