Third Space, London

Designed by: Studio RHE
For client: Third Space Floor area: 2508.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度健身俱乐部

Public Score
4.90 Function
4.77 Innovation
4.74 Creativity

About the Project

The 27,000 sq ft space spans the ground and basement floors of ‘Minster Court’ the neo-gothic, post-modern office building. It features a range of high-end leisure facilities, including a 20m swimming pool and accompanying spa, mind and body studio, treatment rooms, café and changing rooms, as well as extensive back of house areas. Innovative installations on the gym floor include a training rig and athletic track; cycle studios, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio, combat area, a dedicated free weights area and altitude chamber.

The Third Space City Club combines serious training with a sophisticated, boutique aesthetic, with both raw and polished concrete and copper sheet used throughout. Studio RHE developed a bespoke 3D modelling system to aide the complex engineering of the tessellated copper effect ceilings in the Reception area and swimming pool. The ceiling comprises laser cut and folded steel panels, which are stained copper and polished to provide a mirror effect.

The Reception area features a statement welcome desk, made of an off-white terrazzo composite featuring white, black and orange stone reflecting the colour palette used throughout the Club. Large external windows allow light to flood into the Reception area, with internal windows allowing light through into the pool area beyond. A combination of pendant lights, spotlights and wall mounted fixtures provide dramatic lighting effects across all of the subterranean spaces.

What’s unique about it

Our design embraces the complexities and eccentricities of the original building, which has been nicknamed the Bat Cave. Resulting in exposed steel columns, services, cornices and brickwork, with the varying ceiling and floor levels celebrated rather than concealed, creating a high-end aesthetic amid the neo-gothic postmodern Minster Court design.

The outcome further develops our revolutionary approach to Health Club design. Previously gyms were typically a series of enclosed, siloed and poorly connected spaces. We have drawn from our previous experience with creating hospitality spaces, and opened up the key individual spaces by positioning them on different levels, with internal glazed screens and transparent floors allowing visitors to look through from one space to another.

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