Cave Club, Guangzhou

Designed by: Ray Wong
For client: Xianglin Mou Floor area: 330.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度酒吧

About the Project

The idea of CAVE project stems from ancient caves, from its interfacial relationship between gathered-twigs fire and warmth. While mentioning ancient cave, the pure and good scenes ,like people clustering around fire, singing and drinking, will come to mind.
We wanted to utilize the concept of caves on the interfacial relationship between people and space. The creation, the cave-holes, combining spheres and walls, is used as the fundamental interface for the whole space.
These semi-round door and windows make it stand out against the surrounding boxy buildings. Through any exterior door and windows, the bar table of CAVE CLUB can be seen at any angle. After stepping inside, people will find it is a better experience than standing outside. The space is independent but also with obscure boundaries, including semi-open booths and open halls.
These spaces are no longer the traditional spacing, space all the elements of the modelling is clever and free. The semi-open space makes the whole space all the time, events, characters, vision, smell, hearing all feel fusion superposition together.
Experience is open, but independent; So that people and space, space and space between the independent and mutual penetration.

What’s unique about it

We hope to be able to provide consumers with a new bar experience, to build a space different from that with complex decorative senses, flat space. In the design of the restaurant, we pay more attention to the characteristics and differences of the restaurant itself, to emphasize exchange, experience and diffusion.
The most difficult part of this design is in the construction, irregular shapes required on-site adjustment. These irregular shapes increased construction difficulty and cost. And the adjustment of field light brightness takes a lot of time.

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