Terminal 2 Landmark Space, Incheon

设计: UNStudio
业主: SPC 面积: 266.00 M² 完工年份: 2018
参赛类别: 年度多品牌店


The Landmark Space in Terminal 2 aims to create a microclimate within the Incheon Airport where passengers can eat, drink and find a moment of relaxation along their journey. The design is comprised of two pavilions, housing Paris Baguette and Coffee@Works with a lounge and seating area connecting the two. The design of the built-in furniture facilitates multiple types of interactions, ranging from more quiet and concentrated spaces to highly public and social zones. The materiality and planting of the landmark space contrasts with the white clean lines of the terminal creating a warm sense of place for the travellers.


The Landmark Space in Terminal 2 should win the ‘Frame Award’, not only because it offers an attractive and functional retail design but because it succeeds in creating a unique microenvironment within the Incheon airport, which only adds to the appeal and beauty of the overall space. The distinct character itself attracts more people into the pavilion space, providing them with a lounge to relax while enjoying their coffee or meal. The diversity in seating styles provides multiple opportunities to people, from relaxing in silent zones to semi and highly public zones. These features enable ‘Landmark Space’ to stand out from designs of a similar setting on both local and international levels, and therefore, worthy of the best "Multi-Brand Store of the Year" Award.