LABolla, Verbania

设计: Francesco Bombardi
业主: Reggio Children Foundation + Enel Cuore Onlus 面积: 40.00 M² 完工年份: 2016


LABolla is a food lab for kids in a primary school on Lago Maggiore in Italy. Material, time and temperature are the main subjects leading the marvellous discovery-based learning about food transformation. The lab consists of a large beech cutting board with transparent bubbles containing tools and machines that aid in new didactic workshop activities around food culture. An electric mill, thermoformer, fermentation cells, hydroponic garden, distiller, and digital (sound and video) devices are available to transform a common classroom into a special kitchen lab where it is possible to take history, geography, art, and science lessons while cooking and preparing recipies.


Kitchens can be extraordinary places for learning. The project is an attempt to transform a kitchen into a safe and creative environment for kids. Every effort was made in this direction, inspired by the prehistoric era of trying to control fire for cooking. The lab successfully inspires teachers and kids from all over the region as the calendar is full.